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Self-Service Checkouts on the Rise: Rewe Takes the Lead in Urban Markets

Rewe: Self-service checkouts especially in cities

Also in the markets of Rewe-Group, self-service checkouts are becoming more and more the norm. According to the company, there are just over 70 in Central Germany, of which 40 are self-service checkouts in Saxon markets, eight in Saxony-Anhalt and 19 in stores in Thuringia.

They would be installed where it made sense, said a Rewe spokeswoman: “Especially in city supermarkets, there is this location-specific high demand from customers for these express checkouts in order to make purchases (usually a lower number Items) to be able to pay faster and not have to wait in line.” There are now Rewe stores where, on average, one in two people pay for their purchases using a self-service checkout.

There is a location-specific high demand from customers for these express checkouts, especially in city supermarkets.

Grocery retailers

Kaufland offers its customers self-service checkouts in around 40 branches in the three central German states. On average, around 40 percent of customers use the cash registers. The response from customers has been very positive, which is why the company has expanded this offering in recent years.

Die Simple– Grocery stores in Saxony and Thuringia, which belong to the Edeka Group, have been using self-service checkouts for a long time. According to entrepreneur Peter Simmel, self-service areas are always set up in new stores; so far there are twelve stores in the two free states.

There is more theft with self-service checkouts?

According to Simmel, the shrinkage of goods has not increased. As in all other markets, cameras are used to prevent shoplifting. However, like the competition, Simmel keeps a low profile with exact figures. At Kaufland it was said that shoplifting was detected in “far less than one per thousand of customer contacts”. The vast majority of their customers are honest. Edeka emphasized that theft was not an issue in connection with the cash registers. Rewe and Globus did not want to comment. The Verdi union said succinctly: “Ironically, the employees are more concerned about it than the employers.”

Ironically, employees are more concerned about this than employers.

Torsten Furgol
Verdi speaker

One of the big discounters in the three countries, Aldi North, has so far dispensed with self-service checkouts entirely: “We have not yet used self-service checkouts in any of the Aldi Nord Germany branches.” The company did not comment on why this is the case or different from Aldi Süd, where self-service checkouts are used in selected branches. The company Consumption Leipzig has so far left the MDR query on the subject of self-service checkouts unanswered. (As of: November 10, 2023)

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