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SEE ESPN 2 LIVE Inter Milan vs Getafe ONLINE | This Wednesday, August 5, the game for the round of 16 of the Europa League. The duel is agreed for 2:00 pm (Peruvian time) in the Veltins Arena and it will be transmitted LIVE by ESPN Play. In addition, you can follow all the live football with incidents, minute by minute, best plays and video of goals by

MINUTE x MINUTE | Inter Milan vs. Getafe live via ESPN 2

Follow all the incidents of the match between Inter Milan and Getafe for the Europa League.


Minute by minute.

40 & # 39; Getafe corner, Mata goes to finish off with a header, Handanovic goes out to clear his fists and ends up taking his rival over, without fail.

37 & # 39; Djene error, Lautaro Martínez goes for the ball, but between Damián and the Getafe central defender they prevent Inter from prevailing.

33 ‘Long ball to the Getafe area, Romelu Lukaku holds Etxeita’s mark and defines a cross to beat Soria.


28 ‘Inter time! Past center of Brozovic, D’Ambrosio attacks the far post, prevails over his mark, but Soria catches the ball without problems.

27 ‘Olivera fouled Gagliardini when his rival had already cut him.

26 ‘Another from Lautaro! The Inter striker makes space and shoots powerful from outside the area, but Soria reacts well in the hands.

24 ‘Inter time! Lautaro Marínez overcomes two rivals, enters the area and crosses the shot, but Soria shows off with a miraculous hand to deflect the ball.

22 & # 39; Individual attempt by Cucurella, but Barella does not lose the mark and prevents the Getafe from taking a powerful shot from outside the area.

20 & # 39; Inter very imprecise and Getafe very concentrated to press and prevent their rivals from associating.

18 & # 39; Inter is saved! Center passed from the left, the ball falls to Mata, who loses it and crashes his shot into an opponent.

17 ‘Long ball for Lautaro Martínez, Soria leaves the area, throws the reckless kick and hits the ball to prevent his rival from escaping with the ball.

14 ‘Arambarri tries to open the field from the left, but Barella intercepts and dribbles the ball to the side.

13 ‘Young associates with a teammate near the lime line, but Damián stops him with a foul and prevents him from escaping down the left wing.

11 & # 39; Nyom’s hard foul against Gagliardini. The referee forgives Getafe’s card.

9 & # 39; Getafe misses it! Neither Arambarri nor another teammate managed to finish off the ball after the corner.

7 & # 39; Domina Inter the ball, looking for the pressure of his rival and attack the back.

4 ‘Game very stuck in this start. Duel of rocky and intense teams in the recovery of the ball.

2 ‘UFFF! Nyom escapes from the right and takes the low center for Mata, who does not manage to finish off very little.

1 ‘Start the game at Veltins-Arena.

0 ‘The match starts at 2:00 pm (Peruvian time)

– Attention! Confirmed formation of Getafe that goes by the miracle: David Soria, Damián, Djene, Extxeita, Olivera, Timor, Arambarri, Nyom, Maksimovic, Cucurella and Mata.

– Attention! Confirmed formation of Inter Milan: Handanovic, Diego Godín, De Vrij, Bastoni, D’Ambrosio, Barella, Brozovic, Cagliardini, Ashley Young, Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martínez.

– Welcome to the coverage of the game between Inter Milan vs. Getafe!

Confirmed formations Inter Milan vs. Getafe

Inter de Milan: Handanovic, Diego Godín, De Vrij, Bastoni, D’Ambrosio, Barella, Brozovic, Cagliardini, Ashley Young, Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martínez.

Getafe: David Soria, Damián, Djene, Extxeita, Olivera, Timor, Arambarri, Nyom, Maksimovic, Cucurella and Mata.

Inter Milan against Getafe

Inter Milan and Getafe define one of the most exciting round of 16 series of the Europa League with the particularity of playing in a single match and in a neutral venue because the first leg was not disputed due to the crisis unleashed by COVID-19 in Europe.

At the Schalke 04 stadium, the Inter He aspires to leave behind the tense atmosphere and the controversy unleashed by his coach after the end of Serie A. Antonio Conte publicly claimed an alleged lack of support and protection from his leadership.

Beyond that, the Inter Milan arrives in a great footballing moment to the duel of Getafe: He finished second in Serie A and had a streak of three consecutive wins, in addition to four games without receiving goals.

After failing to snatch the Serie A title from Juventus and being eliminated in the group stage of the Champions League, the Inter focuses all his illusions and forces on returning to a European final after a decade (yes, the historic Champions won by José Mourinho in 2010).

Now for him Inter and Conte himself will be quite a challenge this Europa League: The Italian club has fallen in the round of 16 in 2013, 2015 and 2019 while the Italian coach has not yet managed to settle into a continental competition final. His greatest achievements are a Champions League quarterfinals and a Europa League.

For him GetafeFor its part, this competition means renewing the illusion and leaving behind the bad campaign after the break for COVID-19 that left him unclassified in any European competition.

José Bordalás’s team went from fifth to eighth in LaLiga after a disastrous streak: just one win in eleven games.

After a short vacation, the Getafe He concentrated in the Valencian town of Olivo to recharge his strength and work to return to being that rocky picture of the first stretch of the season and especially February and March, in which he forcefully imposed himself on teams like Valencia and Ajax.

Notably Getafe does not present casualties for the match while the Inter Milan He will not be able to count on Matías Vecino and Stefano Sensi, two key men in the first leg of the season and recurring absences in recent times.

Probable formations Inter Milan vs Getafe

Inter Milan: Handanovic; Skriniar, De Vrij, Bastoni o Godín; Candreva, Barella, Brozovic, Young; Eriksen; Lukaku and Lautaro.

Getafe: Soria; Damián, Djené, Etxeita, Olivera; Jason, Arambarri, Maksimovic, Cucurella; Jaime Mata and Jorge Molina.

What time do Inter Milan vs Getafe play?

country Schedule
Peru 2:00 p. m.
Colombia 2:00 p. m.
Ecuador 2:00 p. m.
Argentina 4:00 p. m.
Chile 3:00 p. m.
Uruguay 4:00 p. m.
Bolivia 3:00 p. m.
Germany 9:00 p. m.
Spain 9:00 p. m.
Mexico 2:00 p. m.
USA (Los Angeles) 12:00 p. m.
USA (Texas) 2:00 p. m.
USA (Miami) 3:00 p. m.
Venezuela 3:00 p. m.
Bolivia 3:00 p. m.
Costa Rica 1:00 p. m.

On which channel do they broadcast and where do they televise today’s match Inter vs. Getafe?

  • Argentina ESPN2 On, ESPN Play On
  • Bolivia ESPN Play Sur, ESPN2 Sur
  • Brasil Fox Sports App, Fox Sports Web, FOX Sports 1 Brasil
  • Chile ESPN2 Sur, ESPN Play Sur
  • Colombia ESPN2 Colombia, ESPN Play Sur
  • Ecuador ESPN Play Sur
  • Mexico ESPN North, ESPN Play North
  • Panama ESPN Play Norte, ESPN Norte
  • Paraguay ESPN2 Sur, ESPN Play Sur
  • Peru ESPN Play Sur, ESPN2 Sur
  • Spain Goal, Movistar +
  • Reino Unido, BT Sport 2, BT Sport App
  • Estados Unidos TUDNxtra, Galavision, CBS All Access, Univision NOW, ZonaFutbol
  • Uruguay ESPN Play Sur, ESPN2 Sur
  • Venezuela ESPN Play Sur

Where to watch LIVE TUDN Inter Milan vs. Getafe?

YOU TV channels
Sky Sports (México) Canal 547 (SD) y Canal 1547 (HD).
Sky Sports (Argentina) Canal 547 (SD) y Canal 1547 (HD).
Sky Sports (Puerto Rico) Canal 547 (SD) y Canal 1547 (HD).
Dish Network (United States) Canal 869 (HD).
DirecTV (United States) Canal 464 (HD).
AT&T (United States) Canal 658.
Verizon FiOS (United States) Canal 1524.
Eli NRT (Mexico, Monclova) Canal 55 (SD), Canal 132.36 (+1), Canal 132.37 (+2) y Canal 132.38 (HD).
Cable Onda (Panama) Canal 390 (SD) y Canal 1390 (HD).
Telecable (Costa Rica) Canal 231 (SD) y Canal 777 (HD).
Galaxy 5 (Guatemala) Canal 39.
Altice (Dominican Republic) Canal 355.
Cable Color (El Salvador) Canal 44.
Cable Color (Honduras) Channel 50 (Analog) and Channel 215 (Digital).
Tigo (El Salvador) Canal 30.
Tigo (Honduras) Channel 53 (Analog) and Channel 301 (Digital).
Mayavisión (Honduras) Canal 45.
+ Mobile (Panama) Canal 254 (HD).
Izzi (Mexico) Canal 501 (SD) y Canal 890 (HD).
Claro TV (Puerto Rico) Canal 614 (SD) y Canal 1614 (HD).

How to watch ESPN 2 LIVE Inter vs. Getafe?

ESPN 2 TV channels
DirecTV (Peru) Canal 625 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Argentina) Canal 623 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Uruguay) Canal 623 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Chile) Canal 623 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Colombia) Canal 623 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Ecuador) Canal 623 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Venezuela) Canal 624 (SD)
Movistar (Peru) Canal 506 (SD) y Canal 741 (HD)
Movistar (Chile) Canal 482 (SD) y Canal 886 (HD)
Movistar (Argentina) Canal 201 (HD)
Claro TV (Peru) Canal 65 (SD) y Canal 523 (HD)
Claro TV (Chile) Canal 175 (SD) y Canal 475 (HD)
Claro TV (Colombia) Canal 511 (SD) y 1511 (HD)
Claro TV (Ecuador) Canal 90 (SD) y Canal 590 (HD)
Claro TV (Argentina) Canal 107 (HD)
Telecentre (Argentina) Canal 105 (D) y Canal 1011 (HD)
Cablevisión (Argentina) Canal 23 (A) y Canal 103 (D/HD)
Grupo Cable TV (Ecuador) Canal 202 (SD) y Canal 734 (HD)
VTR Chile Channel 49 (Santiago) and 841 (HD)
Superchannel (Argentina) Canal 15 (A), 103 (D) y 1003 (HD)
Dibox (Argentina) Canal 101 (HD)
Cablevisión Flow (Argentina) Canal 103 (HD)

Where to watch Movistar LaLiga LIVE Getafe vs. Inter de Milan?

The match is televised on Spain through the channels Mitele Plus, Movistar Laliga, Movistar Laliga 1 and Partidazo in Movistar LaLiga. Follow the schedule live to see the game Getafe vs. Inter por Europa League.

Movistar Channels of Spain
Movistar LaLiga Movistar Channel 46
Movistar LaLiga 1 Channel 47 of Movistar and 112 of Orange
Movistar LaLiga UHD Movistar Channel 440
Orange TV Orange channel 110
Jazztel TV Channel 108-109 (4k quality)
LaLiga TV (Bar) Movistar Channel 146
Mitele MORE Móvil, tablet, ordenador, Smart TV, Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, IOS, Android, Sams, Chromecast, PlayStation 4 y Apple TV

What is the Europa League?

The UEFA Europa League, originally called the UEFA Cup, is a continental club competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations, considered the second most prestigious in Europe, after the Champions League, another European Cup.

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