News Seconds This Man Kills Stepfather Because Mother Is Persecuted...

Seconds This Man Kills Stepfather Because Mother Is Persecuted and Sister Raped, Perpetrators Are Intercepted By Victim When Wanted To Report The Police page all

- – A man in the Regency Musirawas, South Sumatrera, with the initial Jef (18), is determined to kill his stepfather’s father named Johan Saputra (49).

Jef killed his stepfather because the victim often mistreated his mother Suryani (48). Not only that, the victim also raped her sister twice.

The murder incident occurred in the village of Prabumulih II, Muara Lakita District, Musirawas Regency, South Sumatra, Thursday (07/30/2020) around 13:00 WIB.

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The incident began when Jef and his mother and relatives wanted to report the victim to the Muara Lakitas Police Station regarding torture and rape.

However, in the middle of the journey they were intercepted by the perpetrators, then there was a commotion between the perpetrators and the victims.

Jef, who was emotional, immediately stabbed the victim in the chest with a knife that he had carried twice.

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In the injured condition, the victim tried to escape towards the back of one of the residents’ house.

Seeing the victim running, the perpetrator immediately chased after him and stabbed the victim’s left leg twice, until finally the victim died on the spot.

After that the perpetrators fled, the police who received the report immediately pursued and approached the family.

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After an approach is made, the perpetrators are willing to surrender.

The perpetrators were secured in Air Balui Village on Friday (7/31/2020) at around 3:30 WIB.

In addition to securing the perpetrators, the turu was also secured by a knife that was allegedly used by the perpetrators to kill the victims’ lives.

“The perpetrators were successfully secured, and when interrogated admitted their actions had killed the victim by stabbing the victim’s chest using a knife. Furthermore, the perpetrators and evidence were brought to the Musirawas Regional police station for an investigation,” said Muara Lidang M Romi Police Headquarters on Friday.

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(Editor: David Oliver Purba)

This article has been published on with the title A Father Murdered by Stepchildren in South Sumatra, Victims of Frequent Abuse of Mothers and Actors’ Rapists


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