Second positive corona test at Mercedes, team members are replaced

Last Thursday it was announced that at least one team member at Mercedes had tested positive for corona. In response, four other employees who worked closely with him went into quarantine and one more team member got an unclear corona result and had to be retested. That was previously reported independently by two sources RacingNews365 told.

Mercedes confirmed those messages by means of a statement on Friday and also announced that another colleague has tested positive after the entire team was tested again. The team also indicates that team members have been sent from the headquarters in Brackley to the Nürburgring to replace the lost colleagues.

The team does not disclose exactly who the affected team members are for privacy reasons, but it does indicate that they are people who are not known to the general public.

With the cooperation of Dieter Rencken.

Verstappen and Red Bull do not have to despair by the departure of Honda. This, the preview at the Eifel GP and more in the latest episode of the RacingNews365 F1 podcast with Tom Coronel, Ruud Dimmers and host Thomas van Groningen.


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