Nadège prevented major problems for Meilandjes

The Meilandjes had almost lost a very precious possession. The Golden Televizier-Ring that they won in 2019 disappeared without a trace, until Nadège turned out to be the rescue angel.

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Washing machine

The Meilandjes were completely taken by surprise when they won the Golden Televizier Ring in 2019. With 55 percent of the votes, the public awarded Chateau Meiland the ring. An enormous honor for the Meilandjes, but they did not seem to care very much about the actual ring.

In Coffee Time, Erica admits that she lost the ring earlier. “I cleaned it up myself so well that I couldn’t remember where,” Erica hid the ring so well that she completely forgot where it was. Fortunately, she quickly found out the hiding place. “That was at the very back of a drawer.”

Then it happened again: the ring turned out to be without a trace. Fortunately, he was found by their housekeeper Nadège. Erica reveals the place where Nadège found the ring. “He was used in the washing machine once ..” she reveals. Martien says he was responsible for this. “Oh, but that was my fault!” Martien had left the ring in his pocket, Erica said. “Nadège took the ring out of his pocket. I thought that was really bad. ”


Then everything turned out to be a piece of cake between the Meilandjes and their housekeeper Nadège. Meanwhile, it is no longer so cozy and their relationship appears to have cooled down considerably.

In the episodes of Chateau Meiland that can now be seen on television, viewers were amazed at Nadège’s ingratitude. The family seems to do everything they can to provide her with good accommodation, but she flatly rejects all generous offers.

Now it appears that the fork is a bit different, says Nadège. She reveals to Privé that shopping for a new apartment is only a sham for her. The family would like to put itself in a positive light, while according to Nadège there was never a new apartment at all.

Erica also offered in an episode to help pay for a possible new place to live for the housekeeper. According to Nadège, this is fake: “But it was never really the case that the Meiland family would help pay for a new house,” she explains.


Nadège: ‘Meilandjes help has been staged’

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