Seborrheic hepatitis .. Bleeding gums is a dangerous sign of disease progression

Illness Fatty liver More common than many people think and has countless symptoms that confirm that something is wrong, and bleeding gums may be a sign of the progression of this disease to a more serious stage, which is a disease caused by the accumulation of a lot of fat in the liver, where a healthy liver contains a small amount of Fat, but it becomes a problem when fat reaches 5 to 10% of the weight of the liver, according to the“.

Considered Bleeding gums A symptom of cirrhosis and may indicate a major problem in it, as cirrhosis develops slowly over many years, and if it is not detected and treated, this may lead to a permanent cessation of liver function, and this results from the destruction of healthy liver tissue and its replacement with scar tissue The consequence is to block blood flow through the liver.

The following are common symptoms of fatty liver disease:

1- Rapid heart rate.

2- Bleeding gums.

3- Unexplained weight loss, especially in the arms.

4- Dizziness.

5- Fluid accumulation on the ankles, feet and legs.

6- Hair loss.

7- Jaundice or yellowing of the skin, whites of the eyes and tongue.

8- Impotence.

How is fatty liver disease diagnosed?

Fatty liver disease is diagnosed by means of a blood test known as (liver function), where it is checked to see if something is abnormal while excluding other liver diseases, such as Lever InflammationHowever, blood tests are often not accurate enough to detect fatty liver disease, and it is preferable to have an ultrasound scan on the abdominal area.

How is fatty liver disease treated or even reduced risk?

There is currently no specific treatment for fatty liver disease, but there is a lot of research underway to try to find a cure, and making healthy lifestyle choices can help stop the worsening of symptoms resulting from it, try to lose weight and not drink too much alcohol that leads to the accumulation of fat on the liver.

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