School fires history teacher for having OnlyFans account

“When I was younger, I always wanted to be in Playboy or be an actress, but I grew up and became a teacher with a husband, so why would I have considered it?”

“I started small, just on Instagram posting mostly selfies of my enhanced bust and lips.”

Amy said it was “liberating” to see men lust after her in the comments section of her photos, but when she first joined OnlyFans she was nervous to get started. However, her then husband was there to support her.

She said: “I quickly understood it and it was so nice to have my husband supporting me. It helped me by being my photographer and we thought about new content together. I really thought it was going well and we were a team. “

Since she’s been to OnlyFans, Amy has made a whopping £ 107,000 ($ 150,000). While the couple got creative with Amy’s content, she claims that her friends, family, and colleagues had no idea of ​​her double life as a model, which was part of the excitement.

“I loved having this side that no one at school knew about. I felt like a naughty superhero: teacher by day, tempting by night,” He said.

However, as time went on, the work took its toll on her marriage and Amy started arguing with her husband all the time.

“My husband couldn’t bear to have men online spoiling me with gifts much more expensive than him,” explained.

Shortly after the relationship broke up, Amy received a call from her school principal asking her to attend a meeting.

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“I think I knew what it was about even before I got to the meeting,” He said.

“I had always talked to my ex about how I wanted to remain anonymous to students, staff and other parents that I am friends with. Protecting children is important to me.”

After organizing a virtual meeting due to Covid-19, Amy claims that her ex had shown the school board her OnlyFans page.

“It was uncomfortable. I was shaking with tears and embarrassment. They made me feel so small and disgusting.

“They suspended me while they decided what to do, but there was no point in denying it.”, He said. Although she has never been embarrassed by what she does, she hated the idea of ​​her colleagues knowing about it.

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