SCBV wins with confidence – Lämmermeier board criticizes Phoenix

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Created: 09/26/2022 13:54

Von: Julian Betzl


The fourth straight win for SC Baldham-Vaterstetten combined tactical dominance and control with individual gala moments.

Vaterstetten – “At the moment everything is going according to plan,” said department head Helmut Lämmermeier after a 3-0 (2-0) home win over Phönix Munich. The fourth straight win for SC Baldham-Vaterstetten combined tactical dominance and control with individual gala moments.

“The boy really has a feeling in his foot” – Malcolm Olwa, SCBV rookie, with a dream goal from forty meters

Newcomer Malcolm Olwa used a bad FC pass on the center line for a sensitive chip from over 40 meters from goal, bringing the score to 1-0 for the host district’s championship (13th). “The kid really has a feeling in his foot,” Lämmermeier said. Co-player coach Fabian Kreissl turned the ball 2-0 with an equally challenging shot from a whopping 25 meters (30 ‘). Aside from the fact that both goals were serious candidates for goal of the month, “the goals would have come for us one way or another,” Lämmermeier said, emphasizing the one-sided balance of forces on the pitch. “Phoenix didn’t have a really dangerous scoring opportunity.”

Department head Lämmermeier: “In my opinion, he jumped Solamon’s back on purpose” – First choice goalkeeper Maximilian Salamon had to leave injured

Much to Lämmermeier’s chagrin, the guests tried to get involved by other means from the start. “I didn’t like Phönix’s tough and unfair performance,” Lämmermeier said angrily from his seat after just over five minutes of play when Baldham goalkeeper Maximilian Salamon was sent off at the ankle by the striker. of FC Marko Jorgic. “The ball was long gone, so the referee didn’t see the action anymore.” Yellow was the wrong card color for Lämmermeier, especially as Salamon had to be replaced due to injury.

20 minutes later, Jorgic also targeted Baldham’s substitute goalkeeper Solomon Arewa, according to the SCBV official: “In my opinion, he purposely jumped Solomon in the back.” According to the rules, Niklas Stepanek headed the final point 3-0 (52nd) after a corner kick, also to be understood as an exclamation point in the direction of the competition for promotion.

SCBV: Salamon, Winzer, Duraj, Olwa, Lämmermeier, Kreissl, Toure, Prehn, Krumpholz, Holzapfel, Stepanek; Arewa, Paul Debboun, Becker, Kaya, Rook, Da. Gerguri.

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