5th European meeting on sport and health in Strasbourg – European Community of Alsace

The main focus of “Sports-Health on Prescription” is to promote the practice of physical activity regular, moderate and adequate to the health of the chronically ill, in view of reduction of social and territorial inequalities Health.

The 1st Sports and Health Meeting on Prescribing, organized in 2015 in Strasbourg, contributed in particular to the registration of physical activity prescription in the law to modernize our healthcare system.

The program

9:00 – 11:00: Opening plenary

  • 9h – 9h40 : Official opening

Amelie Oudea-Castera (to be confirmed), Minister of Sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games
Francois Braun (to be confirmed), Minister of Health and Prevention
Jeanne Barseghianmayor of Strasbourg
Alessandro FeltzDeputy Mayor of Strasbourg in charge of health and chairman of the public interest group Maison Sport-Santé de Strasbourg

  • 9h40 – 10h30 : Perspectives

Malric lineTreasurer of the National Association of Elected Officials in Charge of Sport (ANDES) and Sports Assistant at the city of Blagnac
Michele Rubirola1st Deputy Mayor of Marseille in charge of public health, health promotion, sport-health, the municipal council of health and secretary of the French network of healthy cities of the WHO
Betty CharlierPresident of the French Federation Sport for All
Eric ChenutPresident of the National Federation of French Mortgage Insurance
Marie BarsacqParis Impact and Legacy Directive 2024

  • 10:30 – 10:35 : Sports break

Animated by sports educators of the Strasbourg House of Sport and Health

  • 10:35 – 10:50 : The vision of research and territories

Claire PerrinUniversity professor in Lyon and President of the Institute for Collaborative Research on Physical Activity and Health Promotion

  • 10:50 – 11:00 : Word to the beneficiaries

Julia Wisshaupt-ClaudelPresident of the Users Committee of the Maison sport-santé de Strasbourg

11:00 – 12:30: Workshop from 13 to 17

  • Workshop 1: Sport-health initiatives in France and Europe

President: Veronique GuillotinSenator of Moselle and President of the Commission for Health, Solidarity, Citizenship of the Grand-Est Region
Facilitator: Marine GrasslerDoctor of Sports Social Sciences

  • Workshop 2: For an environment conducive to sport-health: the territories are committed

President: Christine RoyerMunicipal councilor for sport in charge of fitness and wellness actions through sport for the city of Orléans
Facilitator: Christophe EnauxProfessor at the Faculty of Geography and Planning of the University of Strasbourg

  • Workshop 3: Public policies, partnerships … towards an economic model of sport-health

President: Anne-Marie JeanVice-president of the Strasbourg Eurometropolis in charge of work, training, sustainable economy and the ecological transition of businesses, trade, crafts, sustainable tourism
Facilitator: Nicolas BeausseConsultant at Julhiet Sterwen Consulting and Support Agency

  • Workshop 4: From the doctor’s prescription to the independent practice of the beneficiary

President: Nathalie Marajo-GuthmüllerSports consultant for the European Community of Alsace (CeA)
Facilitator: Julia Wisshaupt-ClaudelPresident of the Users Committee of the Maison sport-santé de Strasbourg

  • Workshop 5: JOP 2024: an opportunity for the development of sport-health

President: Sebastian ChataingMunicipal Councilor – link between physical activity and health of the City of Villeurbanne
Facilitator: Jehan Lecocqco-chair of the Medical Commission of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee

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