Scandal in Hollywood: Lily James spotted kissing with Dominic West. “His wife found out through the press” | Celebrities | Showbiz

HLN Dominic West en Lily James.

The marriage between British actor Dominic West and his wife, Catherine FitzGerald, seems to be over since romantic photos of him and actress Lily James have been circulating. “Catherine is devastated,” a friend told the Daily Mail.

The British tabloid put the photos, which were taken in Rome on Sunday, online on Monday. The images show that 50-year-old Dominic and 31-year-old Lily are having an exceptionally good time together while exploring the Italian city. They cuddle on a terrace and especially Dominic can not let go of Lily. At a certain point they are even spotted kissing intimately. It also seems as if the two don’t care at all who can see them. Yet one important person was not yet informed: Dominic’s current wife.

Completely surprised

The affair comes as a total surprise to Dominic’s wife, Catherine. According to a friend of the couple, the two were not separated and had a ‘good marriage’. “They have a beautiful house and wonderful children. They seemed very happy. ”


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