For Chris Evans, playing Captain America was the best decision of his life

Thanks to the role of Captain America, Chris Evans has become an iconic figure of the MCU! But after years of loyal service, the actor has finally reattached his super soldier costume. It was in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame that we last saw Chris Evans as Captain America. It’s been three years since Chris Evans said […]

5 facts about Alba Baptista, Chris Evans’ girlfriend who is 16 years younger

Jakarta – After Chris Evans was named the Sexiest Man by People Magazine, the actor broke the hearts of many women because he was rumored to already have a girlfriend. He is Alba Battistaa, an actress who comes from Portugal. The name Alba Baptista may not be familiar to cinema lovers, so the figure of […]

Chris Evans admits he misses playing Captain America

From Avengers: End of the gameplace to a new generation of superheroes in the MCU. She-Hulk, Miss Marvel, Moon Knight, Kate Bishop, Mighty Thor … The Connected Marvel Universe includes new names on its roster. But the first representatives before the explosion of the franchise in the cinema remain forever in the hearts of the […]

Bombshell! Shakira could be rebuilding her life with this famous actor

03/08/2022 Act. a las 11:11 CEST – – – There are rumors that he could be seeing an actor She started following him on Instagram the same day their separation became official. The pink press media begin to connect the dots with a story that could have been brewing for the end of the relationship […]

Check out Chris Evans’ (Captain America) advice to newcomers to the MCU

Phase 4 of the MCU represents a kind of bridge between the previous generation and the new. Make way for Moon Knight, Kate Bishop, Yelena Belova, Miss Marvel or even She-Hulk. Old characters bow out like Iron Man or Captain America who leaves his shield to Sam Wilson. The opportunity for his interpreter, Chris Evans, […]