Scandal at the national selection for Eurovision 2022: Pash crossed the border with Crimea


Alina Pash

Official documents have appeared that confirm that the singer visited the territory of the temporarily occupied peninsula.

The public broadcaster released documents confirming that the winner of the National Selection for Eurovision 2022 Alina Pash crossed the administrative border with the temporarily occupied Crimea from Ukraine. This is stated in the official site.

“The public has analyzed a number of accusations: public and received in the appeals of citizens. The information given as evidence of violation of the requirements of the National Selection does not contain facts and documents confirming the violation by the finalist of the rules for crossing the border of Ukraine. The broadcaster is guided solely by the law of Ukraine and the presumption of innocence, until the opposite is proven “, the message says.

It is also emphasized that the Public Broadcaster takes a patriotic position and is always principled about the inadmissibility of cooperation with Russia, an aggressor country.

“The discovery of violations of the conditions for participation in the National Selection has already become a reason for the removal of participants, and there could be no exceptions. The rules are the same for everyone and remain unchanged,” the Public Broadcaster added.

Regarding the representative of Ukraine at Eurovision 2022 Alina Pash, the broadcaster claims that the law has not been violated.

“Participant Alina Pash provided guarantees that she did not violate the laws of Ukraine and the requirements of the competition: the performance in 2015 took place at a private event for Ukrainians in Crimea, and the border crossing took place from Ukraine. The public broadcaster received a document from the participant’s team about crossing the border with Crimea from of Ukraine from the SCECA of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine,” the Public Broadcaster concluded.

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Recall Pash will perform the song Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors at the competitionwhich performs in Ukrainian and English.

The final of the national selection for Eurovision 2022: online broadcast

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