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Scams in Cambodia: An Inside Look at the Devastating Impact on Tourism

Scams in Cambodia have hit tourism hard, Yan Weixun, the principal of Banqiao Chengtian Mansion, revealed the current situation there. (Photographed by You Dinggang)

Starting in 2022, after the epidemic slowed down, many young people in Taiwan were lured by fraudulent groups with high salaries to Cambodia for telecom fraud. Among them, the KK Park in Myanmar is also known as the most brutal “ultimate station for piglet trafficking”. The park is like a prison, and there are armed forces monitoring everywhere. They were beaten violently with sticks, and their organs were even resold all the time. Local fraud cases are frequent, and the image of the country has already been severely damaged. Yan Weixun, the principal of Banqiao Chengtian Mansion, was interviewed by “China Times News Network”, and he fully explained the current situation.

Independence/KK Park hits tourism! An insider revealed the “amazing tragedy” in Cambodia: heinous (the source of the video is Youtube, please forgive me if it is deleted)

In June this year, I went to Cambodia with some bosses to survey the market. Yan Weixun said, “I can’t see anyone when I go out in the morning, only at night. Even Angkor Wat has no tourist crowds, and the shops are almost closed. Tourism in Cambodia collapsed early. “Yan Weixun also observed, “There are so many unfinished buildings over there that no one is willing or daring to invest.” Scams in Cambodia have been reported repeatedly. Even though the local government vigorously cracked down on gangsters and revived tourism, it has already affected Taiwanese people’s desire to travel.

Yan Weixun, the director of Banqiao Chengtian Mansion, went to Cambodia to conduct market research in June this year. (Provided by Yan Weixun)

In addition, Yan Weixun mentioned that “Cambodians have some complaints about Taiwanese.” He revealed, “During the storm of fraud, the locals actively cooperated in saving people, but unexpectedly, after the Taiwanese returned to Taiwan, they began to publicize the heinousness of Cambodians and demonize them. The local people really reacted, “Why are Taiwanese people like this?”. Previously, the negative news about Cambodia came in dominoes one after another, and it may be difficult to win the trust of tourists in a short time.

Telecom Fraud Syndicate Office. (File photo) The fraud syndicate was busted by the police. (file photo)

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