SBU “covered” the seamen’s paperwork scheme

The state register was in the possession of third-party individuals – SBU

For services, sailors paid from 3 to 8 thousand dollars. The organizers had an annual corruption income of $ 150 million.

SBU officers exposed and blocked a large-scale criminal scheme for issuing permits for sailors. It brought the organizers more than $ 150 million annually. About it informs press service of the SBU.

“In fact, the state register was in the possession of third-party private individuals. This allowed attackers to illegally issue permits for seafarers,” the message says.

Thus, the intermediary agents participating in the scheme, for a fee, “helped” seafarers to undergo regular confirmation of their qualifications by unauthorized interference with the state register.

If a sailor tried to independently pass the test through his personal account, then artificial obstacles were created for him – they delayed the issuance of certificates or distorted the test results.

The sailors had no choice but to turn to intermediaries and pay large sums for this – from three to eight thousand dollars.

Having paid, the sailors did not attend training centers, courses and did not undergo medical examinations. The intermediary, using an illegitimate application, uploaded the client’s documents to the registry and ensured positive test results and the final confirmation of qualifications.

It was established that the former and current officials of the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine and the Inspectorate for Training and Certification of Seafarers were involved in the scheme, the SBU stressed.

At the same time, the state register of seafarers’ documents and automated systems were controlled by unauthorized persons who had access to state resources.

Operatives seized the registry and related automated systems and blocked access to them for unauthorized persons.

Searches were carried out in offices, data centers and places of residence of the defendants. Now the issue of reporting suspicions to them is being resolved. Investigative actions continue.

Meanwhile, in the Kherson region revealed a network of agents of the FSB of the Russian Federation… The organizer of the network was an ex-employee of the regional department of the SBU. He retired from service in 2014 and was recruited by the FSB while traveling to Russia.

Let’s add, SBU spoke about the first Ukrainian pirate… A resident of Nikolaev got a job protecting the ship from pirates, but instead he captured it himself and demanded a ransom of half a million dollars.

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