Saudi dissident Haroun Ahmed Amin raises concerns about Crown Prince’s daughters in final video clip

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi dissident, Haroun Ahmed Amin, sparked an uproar among activists on social media after he narrated the position of the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, about his daughters, with a video clip that he said would be his last.

This came in a video clip that the Saudi dissident posted on his Twitter page, in which he said: “It is a human and moral duty, and it is chivalry and honor that I have to tell you what happened to me, and this will be my last clip, and I have hope, after which all my offensive clips during the 10 years that have gone, please.” For every Saudi man and woman, delete it, and I will also, God willing, delete it, and this account will basically be closed after a week..”

He continued, saying: “An official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called me and told me that His Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, knew about my condition. He said only two words. I turned to him and said two words to him: ‘They reassured me of his daughters, and he does not limit anything to them.’”

CNN Arabic contacted the Saudi authorities for comment on these statements, without a response at the time of writing this report.

Amin added, “After the whole world left me after all these years, 10 years of increasing and repeated insults on my part against the state… Who is interested in my daughters? Muhammad bin Salman, the truth is, what can I say? I am ashamed of myself, and no, frankly, I do not find words of seriousness.” I could not know your mineral, O Ibn Salman..”

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And he added: “Gold is the most precious metal, but you are more precious than gold. After that, the official told me to communicate with the embassy.. My only goal is to reach what happened to me, and who stood with me at this stage and with whom? With someone who has been speaking against the homeland for ten years..”

2023-06-09 03:33:16
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