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Saudi Arabia’s “Next World Forum”: Empowering Women in Electronic Sports

Saudi Arabia: “The Next World” paves the way for a leading role for women in electronic sports

Today (Wednesday), in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, the work of the “Next World Forum” will start for the second time in a row, after it caught the eye in the first edition last year.

The forum is dedicated to the world of electronic sports and games, and brings together industry leaders and experts from all over the world. It will continue on Wednesdays and Thursdays, bringing together the global gaming and electronic sports community to discuss the development of this vibrant, economically thriving and cooperative system.

Electronic sports competitions made a huge leap in the Kingdom (Middle East)

Senior experts and officials of international companies and organizations from around the world will meet to discuss the most important issues related to e-sports and games, with an experienced group of speakers. The attendees also include sports ministers from different countries, investors, players, developers, technology providers, startups, representatives of the public sector and brands. Commercial, advertisers, publishers, broadcasters, federations and leagues.

The first day begins with a panel discussion entitled: “Acquisition… Legal Aspects of Corporate Acquisition of Game Studios.” This 45-minute session will discuss the implications of massive game studio acquisitions, the media that dominates headlines, the legal aspects, and the decisions and processes that occur during an acquisition.

The list of speakers for this session includes; Dr. Abdulaziz Alzoum, CEO of the General Authority for Competition, Wins Helgers from Bitcraft Ventures, David Hughley from Lazard, and Kun Zhao from Crunchyroll.

The first day of the “Next World Forum” will also include a session entitled “Electronic Games, the Economy of the Future”, which will focus on how electronic games lead to innovation, revenue streams, and cultural impact on a global scale. The list of speakers for this session includes; Danny Tang from “Fsbo”, Alberto Gonzalez Lorca from “Bandy Namco”, Wen Borg from “NEOM” and Stephen Ma from “Tencent”.

The activities of the first day of the “Next Year’s Forum” will continue with the session “From pixels to the podium … a study of the relationship between electronic sports and the Olympic Games.” This session will focus on the first Olympic Week in Esports, which was held in Singapore earlier this year. The list of speakers for this session includes: Vincent Pereira of the International Olympic Committee, Matthew Woods of FL Esports, Hisham Shaheen of Ninjas in Pajamas, Abdulaziz Al-Baqous of the Saudi Olympic Committee, Timo Kruger of Nielsen.

Players during one of the recently concluded International Gamers Season competitions in the Kingdom (Middle East)

She will lead the session “The Esports Stagnation… Is the Story Over?” One of the most important topics is the slowdown in the global esports industry, and an examination of its causes and possible opportunities to make the industry more creative. The list of speakers for this session includes; Michael Kent from Dexerto, Todd Harris from Skillshot, Flo Gutierrez from Razer, and influencer Clinton Sparks.

In addition, the program of the “Next World Forum” includes other sessions, which include topics such as; A report on electronic games in the Middle East and North Africa, and payment using reward points.

On its second day, the “Next World Forum” will witness a session entitled “Virtual Reality, Consequences of the Real World… The Impact of Politics on Electronic Games.” This session will discuss how electronic games shape the values ​​and ideologies of young minds, as well as the dangers of biased messages and how to mitigate them.

The session “Challenges Women Face in Accessing Leadership Roles in the World of Electronic Games” will discuss topics such as; Fight stereotypes, face challenges and make tough decisions. The list of speakers for this session includes; Jessica Tams of Atari, Natasha Schult of Metall, Holly Liu of Kabam and Boyoung Kim of Griffin Gaming Partners.

Turki Al-Fouzan, CEO of the Saudi Electronic Sports Federation, will deliver inspiring speeches during the “A New Chapter for the Saudi Electronic Sports Federation” session that will take place immediately after the first break.

The “Hit the Pause… Analyzing the Mental and Physical Health of Esports Players” session will provide a fascinating discussion, in which esports medicine professionals will address the importance of players prioritizing their mental and physical health, and how their career impacts their overall health. The list of speakers includes: Gregory Menfile from Okaya, Dr. Jordan Say from Secret Lab, Michael Bruce from D-Sleep Doctor, and Jean Patterson from Neom.

The activities of the second day of the “Next World Forum” will also be held to discuss in a main session the topic “Better Digital Governance in Metaverse and Blockchain”, to discuss the answer to the most important question, which is how to exploit Metaverse to build a better economy? The list of speakers includes: Governor of the Digital Government Authority, Eng. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Soyan, Yat Soo from Anemoka Brand, and Sebastien Burgett from D-Sandbox.

The breakout sessions provide opportunities to discuss deep files, such as building the blockchain and how to get players interested in Web3 games. Collaboration side sessions will also open the door for attendees to present their electronic games or esports projects, and discuss them in an enriching way.

It is scheduled that during the “Next World Forum” the winners of the “Gamers Season Awards for Clubs” will be announced, which is a new and innovative method for awarding rewards, and an innovative system that will constitute a quantum leap in the world of electronic sports. It is an important opportunity for clubs to plan tournaments from a comprehensive perspective, rather than from an individual team perspective. In addition to the package of prizes for performance in individual tournaments, clubs will be rewarded according to the cumulative performance of their different teams.

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