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New VAIO S13 2023 Model: Performance, Lightweight, and Upgraded Screen

Japan’s VAIO has a new model. This time, it is talking about the performance and lightweight S13 model. In addition to updating to the latest 13th generation Intel Core processor, the screen has also been upgraded, and the new copper-colored body is very attractive. , if you love VAIO and MIJ notebooks, it is worth paying attention to.

As the flagship notebook of VAIO, the new generation of S series inherits the characteristics of performance first and light body in the past. The 2023 version of S13 is mainly a hardware upgrade. The processor is replaced by Intel’s latest 13th generation Core series, respectively. There are three models of Core i3-1315U, Core i5-1334U and Core i7-1355U, and the RAM, SSD, etc. will maintain the configuration of the previous generation.

Another notable point of the new machine is the screen, which is also a 13.3” screen. The previous 16:9 is replaced by the current generation’s 16:10, and the resolution is 1920 × 1200 (WUXGA). The frame has become smaller, which not only makes the screen display more, but also has a better visual experience; as for the USB plug, it has been changed from 2A + 2C of the previous generation to 3A + 1C.

After talking about the key points of the upgrade, the body design of the S13 2023 version seems to be the same as the previous generation (that is, the shell will be launched in July 2022). However, since the screen is replaced with a 16:10 ratio, the size of the body has also been adjusted. From 305.8 × 215.1mm of the previous generation to 299.3 × 221.1mm of the current generation, the new machine is slightly narrower but deeper, and the thickness has increased from 14.4~18.4mm of the previous generation to 17.7~19.6mm of the current generation. The weight of the new machine has also been slightly increased, from the old 1.049~1.055kg to 1.072~1.084kg. Basically, the change in the size and weight of the machine will not be noticed.

The S13 2023 version has two colors, black and the new copper color. The price of the top configuration is ¥277,801, which is about HK$15,000. It is acceptable for a Japanese-made laptop. It is expected to be officially launched in September. As for Hong Kong is yet to be determined.

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