Sara Fantini dominates the hammer with 71.57! Alessio Mannucci triumphs in the disc, at 19.13 Jacobs – OA Sport


18.09 This is the second battery: Grendene, Blesio, Benati, Pivotto, Scotti, Re, Ozigbo.

18.06 Alessandro Sibilio (Fiamme Gialle) wins, finalist of the 400 obstacles at the Tokyo Olympics in 46 ″ 07 in front of teammate Vladimir Aceti (46 ″ 20), direct pass for the final also for Brayan Lopez (Fiamme Azzurre) in 46 ″ 58.

18.03 This is the definitive list of the 400 female finalists: Mangione, Troiani, Polinari, Trevisan, Bonora, Chigbolu, Lukudo, Vandi.

18.01 This is the first: Panassidi, Aceti, Sito, Sibilio, Lopez, Grossi, Bianciardi.

18.00 Soon the heats of the men’s 400 meters flat.

17.57 Virginia Troiani wins in 52 “58 in front of Giancarla Dimich Trevisan (52” 79), third Maria Benedicta Chigbolu in 52 “97, Raphaela Lukudo (53” 02) and Elisabetta Vandi (53 “32) also go to the final thanks to the repechage .

17.55 The second battery of the 400 women begins: Lukudo, Vandi, Accame, Troiani, Trevisan, Cavalieri, Chigbolu, Burattin.

17.52 The men’s disc race closes, crowning Alessio Mannucci (Aeronautica) as the new Italian champion with 60.01 of the fourth round on the platform. Second Enrico Saccomano (UD Malignani) with 60.00 on the fifth attempt, while the reigning champion Giovanni Faloci (Fiamme Gialle) closes third with a 58.78 scored in the fourth of the six throws.

17.50 Alice Mangione wins in 52 ″ 56 in front of Anna Polinari (52 ″ 62) from Verona, third Alessandra Bonora in 52 ″ 86.

17.48 This is the first battery of the 400 female floors: Foudraz, Troiani, Polinari, Mangione, Zeli, Bonora, Nardelli.

17.45 The final of the shot put of the men’s decathlon begins, soon the women’s 400-meter heats will be on the track.

17.44 Enrico Saccomano finds a 60.00 on the fifth throw in the disc which is worth the second virtual position behind Alessio Mannucci (60.01).

17.41 In the meantime, this is the list of the finalists of the 400 obstacles: Bencosme de Leon (Avis Barletta), Mattia Contini (Aeronautica Militare), Giacomo Bertoncelli (Atletica Insieme Verona), Mario Lambrughi (Atletica Riccardi Milano 1946), Lorenzo Veroli (Blue Flames), Joao Carlos Pina Barros (Athletics Sandro Calvesi), Wilhelm Jacopo Gaggioli (Toscana Futura), Michele Bertoldo (Athletics Vicentina).

17.38 ALESSIO MANNUCCI! The Air Force athlete takes the lead of the disc finding a 60.01 in the fourth round on the platform. Therefore Giovanni Faloci (Fiamme Gialle) climbs in second position, 58.78 always on the fourth attempt.

17.35 Mario Lambrughi (Atletica Riccardi Milano 1946) wins the second semifinal of the 400 obstacles in 50 “76, according to Lorenzo Veroli (Blue Flames) in 50” 88, then Joao Carlos Pina Barros in 51 “28.

17.34 The eight finalists of the men’s record are: Faloci, Mannucci, Musci, Saccomano, Forgiarini, D’Alessandro, Mascali and Ferrioli.

17.31 Soon the second semifinal of the 400 obstacles: Lutterotti, Veroli, Carena, Pina Barros, Lambrughi, Bertoldo, Montanari.

17.28. Josè Bencosme wins the first semifinal of the 400 obstacles with a time of 50 ″ 33 ahead of Mattia Contini with 50 ″ 76, third Giacomo Bertoncelli with 50 ″ 95.

17.20: Faloci reaches the top of the disc classification with 58.63.

17.12: rebecca Sartori with 57 ″ 53 wins the second semifinal of the 400 obstacles, ahead of Linda Olivieri in 57 ″ 79 and Angelica Ghergo in 58 ″ 42. The fished out for the final are Ludovica Cavo and Alessia Seramondi.

17.10: Musci climbs to second place in the puck with a throw at 57.24

17.07: Ayomide Folorunso wins the first semifinal of the 400 women’s hurdles with 56 ″ 29 ahead of Eleonora Marchiando with 57 ″ 18 and Alice Muraro with 57 ″ 45. In the final the first three plus the best two times

17.04: three errors for Gennari at 1.71. The high competition in the Heptathlon ends, the long of the Decathlon also closed with the 7.41 of Dester who also won the second test in front of cerrato (7.21) and Naidon (7.08)

17.03: First rotation of throws in the disc and immediately Giovanni Faloci in the lead with 58.22, second place for Saccomano with 57.17, third Mannucci with 55.80

16.55: in the top of the Heptathlon they all make mistakes at 1.68 and only Gennari remains in the race

16.54: in the long run of the Decathlon Naidon with 7.08 rises to the provisional third place

16.51: Gennari overcomes 1.68 on the third attempt

16.47: These are the members of the discus throw that starts in a few minutes. Favorite Giovanni Faloci: FASSINA Andrea, MANNUCCI Alessio, MASCALI Isidoro Marco, MUSCI Carmelo Alessandro, D’ALESSANDRO Danilo, BONA Giacomo, MASIANI Samuele, FERRIOLI Enrico, BUZZANCA Gioele 1996, FORGIARINI Valerio, VAILATI Paolo, FALOCI Giovanni, SACCOMANO Enrico, ZEUDJIO TCHIO Simon

16.44: Generali, Carboncini, Giovannini and Lunardon save themselves on the third attempt at 1.65 high. Ferrero stops

16.43: Sion with 6.98 is third in the long of the Decathlon

16.38: In the high, only Gennari exceeds 1.65 on the first attempt

16.37: Dario Dester improves by 1 centimeter and consolidates the first place with 7.41

16.32: completed the first round of jumps in the long decathlon: Dester in the lead with 7.40, second Cerrato with 7.21, third Ronzoni with 6.89

16.30: Generali, Ferrero, Gennari, Carboncini exceed 1.62 at the first attempt, a measure exceeded at the second by Giovannini and Lunardon. Riccardi eliminated

16.25: in the high Lunardon and Riccardi exceed 1.59 on the second attempt. Outside Pircher and Riccomagno

16.24: Started the long jump of the decathlon and immediately 7.40 for Dario Dester

16.15: In the women’s high of the Heptatlon they exceed 1.59 at the first attempt Giovannini, Generali, Ferrero, Gennari, Carboncini

15.53: Soon the high of the Heptathlon and the long of the Decathlon, next final at 16.50 the men’s discus throw

15.52: no change in the positions that matter of the ranking in the last rotation. Sara Fantini closes with a good 70.08 and graduates Italian hammer throwing champion with 71.57, second place for Rachele Mori with 65.55, third Lucia Prinetti Anzalapaya with 63.05

15.45: Sara Fantini does not improve on the fifth attempt, reaching 69.90. The blue will try everything at the last launch to improve further

15.42. Prinetti Anzalapaya resumes third place with 63.05, fourth place for Desideri who launches at 62.90

15.39: Still a good launch for Sara Fantini who, however, does not improve: 70.67 and the series begins to be consistent in any case

15.37: In a fourth rotation full of nulls in the first throws, Maffo goes to take third place with 61.39

15.31: Dario Dester’s adventure begins well, winning the 100th decathlon with 10 “76, second place for Zandarco with 10” 93, third for Naidon with 10 “98

15.29: Fantini, Mori, Prinetti Anzalapaya, Desideri, Maffo, Conte, Foresta and Caruso will be entitled to the last three throws

15.26. Just at the end of the third rotation of launches Prinetti Anzalapaya reaches 60.65 and takes the provisional third place

15.25: Sara Fantini finds the right throw and throws the hammer at 71.57, placing the mortgage on gold. She is still far from her best season with the Italian record at 75.77

15.23. Alessandro Sion wins the first series of the 100 meters of the decathlon with 11 ″ 14, according to Nicola with 11 ″ 46

15.20: Rachele Mori does not improve with the third launch: 65.03

15.15: Safety launch by Sara Fantini who places a 65.26 which puts her in second place behind Rachele Mori. The other positions do not change

3.10pm: Marta Giovannini with 14 ″ 11 wins the second series of the 100 obstacles of the Hptathon, second Lunardon with 14 ″ 28, third Charcoal with 14 ″ 38

15.06: Giulia Riccardi wins the first series of 110 hs of the Heptathlon with 14 ″ 55 in front of Ferrero with 14 ″ 74

15.05: Rachele Mori improves with 65.55 and consolidates the first place in the standings

15.01: Sara Fantini’s first launch is void, Rachele Mori remains in the lead

14.58: The ranking in the top positions does not change after the last launches. Soon it will be up to Sara Fantini who can shake up the race

14.52: Immediately a good launch by Rachele Mori who reaches 63.38, second place for Desideri with 60.50, third Maffo with 60.44

14.45: On the platform the athletes who will take part in the women’s hammer final

14.41: A little late for the start of the women’s hammer competition. At 15.05 the multiple tests will also begin with the 100 obstacles for women and 100 for men

14.37: These are the athletes in the competition: DESIDERI Cecilia, MORI Rachele, CARUSO Fabiola, MAFFO Nadia Vital, CONTE Emily, RADAELLI Marta, MULUMBA Ndaya raphaelle, FORESTA Elisa, MARASSO Ilaria, PRINETTI ANZALAPAYA Lucia, FANTINI Sara, ROSSI Giulia, CASTALDI Paola, GREMI Agata

14.33: Soon the start of the women’s hammer throw competition that opens the program on the platform of the Absolutes. All awaited for the Italian record holder Sara Fantini

2.30 pm: Spotlight on the 100 meters, where the Olympic Champion returns to the assault: Marcell Jacobs gets back into the game after the injury that took him off the scene in the last month and chases a great performance, the Lombard sprinter will be called to the fascinating challenge with Filippo Tortu, Lorenzo Patta (Olympic Champions of 4 × 100) and the launched Chituru Ali.

14.25: Good afternoon to the friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live broadcast of the second day of the 2022 Italian Athletics Championships

Today’s race scheduleThe presentation of the races

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the 2022 Italian Athletics Championships. The curtain rises on the Guidobaldi Stadium in Rieti and it will immediately get serious, given that the queen match of this tricolor review will be staged. Spotlights on 100 meterswhere the Olympic Champion returns to the assault: Marcell Jacobs gets back into the game after the injury that took him off the scene in the last month and pursues a great performance, the Lombard sprinter will be called to the fascinating challenge with Filippo Tortu, Lorenzo Patta (Olympic Champions of 4 × 100) and the launched Chituru Ali.

Sara Fantini has improved the Italian record in the throwing of the hammer last weekend in Madrid and he wants a new thrust to launch himself towards the Eugene World Cup, now only three weeks away. Alessandro Sibilio returned to the race last weekend, he became the second Italian ever on the 400 meters and as an Olympic finalist of the 400 obstacles he will compete on the track without barriers, facing Davide Re (national record holder), Edoardo Scotti and Vladimir Aceti.

To be followed with great attention also i Women’s 100 meters (Zaynab Dosso aims for an important performance after touching the Italian record), the women’s triple jump (Ottavia Cestonaro signed the staff last Saturday and is called to the intense duel with Dariya Derkach), the 800 meters of Gaia Sabbatini and Catalin Tecuceanuthe 400 obstacles of Ayomide Folorunso.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from the Italian Championships 2022 of athletics: news in real time, minute by minute, race after race, so you don’t really miss a thing. It starts at 2.30 pm and will go on until around 10.20 pm. Have a good fun.

Photo: Colombo / organizing committee Meeting Savona

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