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Santa Tecla suspends match against Águila due to intervention in Las Delicias stadium – 2024-02-23 23:56:47

Rebecca Henriquez

Problem of not finishing. Santa Tecla announced that the match scheduled for this Sunday, February 25 against Águila, at the Las Delicias national stadium, in Santa Tecla, is suspended due to the interventions carried out at the sports venue. There was criticism from the fans, so the president of the National Sports Institute (INDES), Yamil Bukele, clarified that the green team was only authorized to train in the stadium.

The lack of their own sports venues in the Major League Soccer is a problem that has endured over time, and to date, almost entirely, none of the teams has a sports venue of its own.

“We are aware that there is still minor work to be done and our priority is the safety of the fan, therefore, that the stage is in optimal conditions. We are in favor of waiting for their completion under the INDES guidelines and we make ourselves available to you in whatever way we can support. Based on the previous one, matchday 8 will proceed,” said the management of the colline team.

Faced with criticism, the president of INDES clarified: “At all times we have tried to be transparent, honest and direct with the management of the Santa Tecla team. We have always explained to them in the stages that each of the areas of the stadium are in accordance with the due process of construction of new areas and remodeling of others, as well as the claims processes for warranty work on completed works.”

According to Bukele, the Tecleño team is aware that it will play in the stadium until March, as long as the construction company meets the delivery times for its works or otherwise the time will be extended.

According to the official, space for training was requested at the facility despite the fact that work is still underway and it was granted. However, the Santa Tecla team of the Football Nations League (LNF) does play its matches in that venue, but in coordination with the construction company and does not use intervened spaces.

“It seems to me to be in very bad taste that Mr. Ítalo Argueta (representative of Santa Tecla) requested a note from my work team (despite knowing and being clear about the situation) to be presented to the First Division in order to exchange the game against Águila, looking first to play in San Miguel and not lose the opportunity to play later in Las Delicias,” explained the president of the institute.

Faced with this annoyance, Bukele said that the correspondence that was issued to Santa Tecla was filtered and published on social networks without proper context and also stressed that the green team board had authorization to visit the sports venue and verify that the institution “has always “I have been fully willing to help them.”

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