Samsung to Release Galaxy Z Flip 3 in May?

Jakarta, Selular.ID – Samsung will reportedly release a new foldable smartphone. Namely the Galaxy Z Fold 3, in May.

As is known, the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Fold 2 were launched in August last year, but separate sources claim that their successors could be launched as early as May 2021 or launched in July 2021.

As quoted by Tech Nave, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 reportedly has not made too many changes to its design. However the hinges will be better designed which will help reduce creasing.

Previously informed, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will come with a smaller screen when compared to its predecessor, the Z Fold 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will come with two different sized screens. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will come with an inner screen measuring 7.55 inches and an outer screen measuring 6.21 inches.

In comparison, the Fold 2 inner screen measures 7.59 inches and the outer screen is 6.23 inches. The smaller screen size is said to make Samsung have to try to allow the S Pen to be stored in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 chassis.

Information circulating says that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be supported by compatibility with the S Pen, although information is not yet available regarding the availability of the digital pen storage slot on the body of this device.

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Unfortunately, this digital pen doesn’t get a special storage slot on the device, like the Galaxy Note line. However, Samsung outsmarted it by presenting an accessory in the form of an additional chassis with an S Pen storage slot, even though this accessory will be marketed separately.

Apart from this information, there is no other information on this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, including the chipset that will support the device.

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