Kweichow Moutai rises more than 2% and hits record high


[Markets]Kweichow Moutai rose by more than 2%, a record high. As of the close, Kweichow Moutai rose 2.09% to 2189.91 yuan.

  Kweichow MoutaiRose more than 2%, another record high. As of the close,Kweichow MoutaiIt rose 2.09% to 2189.91 yuan.

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  You can buy Feitian Moutai without points and the consumption amount is not enough!E-commerce and supermarket emergency revision rules

As the Spring Festival approached, the liquor dealers and friends around Zhongzheng Jun were often exposed to the busy delivery. However, some Moutai dealers disappeared in the past two days. Asked the reason, a dealer said: “Moutai inspected, and many specialty stores were too scared to open the door.”

In addition to distributors, Moutai also extended its sales policy to supermarkets and e-commerceChannel extension. On February 3, Zhongzheng Jun confirmed from the channel level that it is the standard for supermarkets and e-commercePromotionbehavior,Kweichow MoutaiLiquor sales are limitedthe companyRequire all newly developed online and offline businesses not to use points,consumptionPromotional conditions such as amount set a threshold to restrict some consumers from snapping up Feitian Moutai, with a buffer period of only 2-3 days.

An insider of a large supermarket said: “The rules have indeed changed, and it should involve all supermarkets.”

The person said that Moutai did not allow price increases, and its current supermarket sales rules were adjusted accordingly. Wine buyers only need to have two unlimited consumption records starting in the fourth quarter to be eligible to purchase Kweichow Moutai.

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  E-commerce and supermarket emergency revision rules

On February 3, Zhongzheng Jun was on TmallmemberThe store learned that Feitian Moutai has temporarily suspended sales due to business adjustments. Tmall member stores are affiliated to Tmall Supermarket and adopt a paid membership system. However, Tmall Supermarket, which has no purchase threshold, is still carrying out snap-up activities for its 1,499 yuan/bottle Feitian Moutai.

Source: Tmall Member Store

In addition, the Feitian Moutai appointment rules issued by Xia Shang Group show that thisHeavy volumeSignificant increase, and abolished the threshold for points.

Some e-commerce platform sources said that starting from February, neither e-commerce companies that make an appointment to buy Moutai and supermarkets that rely on points to subscribe are not allowed to set pre-conditions for consumers.

countrymarketThe General Administration of Supervision issued regulations at the end of October 2020,priceIf there are additional conditions for promotional activities, the conditions shall be clearly marked. Where an operator uses points, gift vouchers, exchange vouchers, vouchers, etc. to redeem the price, the specific method for calculating the discount shall be displayed in a conspicuous manner or publicly announced through shop notices.


Source: China Government Network

Ali Retail Liquor Business DepartmentGeneral managerZuo Qinghe analyzed Zhongzheng Jun that there are two problems in the exchange of points for Moutai: One is the impact of points exchangeBrandThe image lowers the sense of value; the second is that points can have a lot of room for manipulation, and there is a risk of gray areas.

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  Cracking down on Maotai prices

Earlier, it was reported that Moutai was “unifying”Market SupervisionThe department investigates and punishes the behavior of alcohol stir-frying and reselling.In response, Moutai Group responded that as a companyenterprise, No enforcementthat powerTherefore, it is impossible to “joint law enforcement.”Moutai internal control restricts its own dealersteamOr platform compliance sales, which belong to its corporate behavior to maintain its own market terminal supply system,Market surveillancemanagementThe administrative enforcement of the bureau is not of the same nature.

The Moutai Group stated that the targets of investigation and punishment by the market supervision and management department were certain people who regarded Moutai as “futures“The hoarding speculators, as well as various forms of price collusion, price drive up, price fraud, non-standard price marking, etc. harm consumer rights and disruptMarket OrderofPrice violationbehavior. This move is not aimed at normal business merchants or Moutai dealers who sell according to regulations.

Zhongzheng Jun learned from people close to the supervision that, especially during the Spring Festival, every year it clearly requires price supervision to be strengthened to prevent arbitrary price increases.ProductIt has a wide range, not only white wine, but also no specific company.

Zuo Qinghe said that Moutai’s original intention was not to restrict consumers from snapping up purchases, but to crack down on roasted seeds and nuts and to crack down on the price-raising of Moutai. He hoped that the price of Feitian Moutai would return to 1499 yuan per bottle through the national inspection of Moutai.However, now Moutai merchants simply don’t sell it, avoid the wind, and sell it at a high price in other ways. On the surface, 1499 yuan/bottle is actually bundled with many others.productSales, or sell Moutai at high prices under other names. (Source: China Securities Journal)

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