Samsung S11 is coming sooner than expected

The next top smartphone from Samsung will obviously be presented on February 11th. This reveals a short video of the company, which was apparently accidentally shown for a short time.

Admittedly – there is a lot in the video clip of Samsung not recognizable: the Galaxy lettering and two rectangular shapes, which are indicated by a surface in the lettering. After that, however, the telltale text appears: “Unpacked 2/11/2020”. “Unpacked” is the name of Samsung’s release event – and “2/11/2020” is the American spelling of the date February 11, 2020.

The obvious conclusion is that Samsung will present its new top device, in all likelihood the Galaxy S11, on this date. This is surprising, because in the past few years the Koreans had always coincided with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But it only takes place two weeks later, from February 24th to 27th.

Date raises several questions

The date raises yet another question: In the past week, there have been rumors that Samsung would not call its next Galaxy S11 but S20. However, the choice of the date seems to support the classic count and the number 11.

It is also unclear what the rectangular shapes in the video mean. You could point to a different, more rectangular arrangement of the cameras on the back of the device, or to an expanded, more rectangular one Galaxy Fold 2 suggest that could also be presented.

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Is Samsung changing its strategy here?

Regardless of the upcoming top device, the step away from the big trade fair dates could be programmatic: Samsung also deviated from the previously pursued line when introducing the second smartphone flagship, the Note 10: Here, the latest device was available for several years let it coincide with the IFA. Last year the company took a different path and also introduced it a few weeks earlier.

This step is quite remarkable – Samsung may be hoping for more attention for its products, Apple has been following this path consistently for years. However, it remains to be seen whether this simply testifies to greater self-confidence or the fear of being unable to stand out from the competition. For the trade fairs, if other large manufacturers decide to do so, it is not pleasant, because they benefit from these large product presentations in their reports.

It will be interesting to see whether similar problems could emerge at the beginning of the CES.

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