“Samsung Galaxy S11 gets a different name”

So no Galaxy S11?

After the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S10 would you assume that South Korean Samsung will present the Galaxy S11 next year. However, it is good to have a good time. For example, look at Apple, which suddenly took the name “iPhone X” out of the closet.

Samsung is also likely to deviate from the name order. At least that is what Ice Universe claims. Choose according to the usually reliable informant Samsung with the successor to the Galaxy S10 not for Galaxy S11 but for Galaxy S20. A huge step if you look at the order S8, S9 and S10. However, this step could be explained very simply.

The successor to the Galaxy S10 will be presented in early 2020. We are entering a new decade. Galaxy S20 for the year 2020 would be a logical step in this case. The following year comes the Galaxy S21.

If the rumor is true then this will take some getting used to. Nobody had taken this into account.

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