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A SAMSUNG announced, this Monday (5), the launch in Brazil of monitor the player Odyssey G6. The model has 240Hz refresh rate, double that of other devices in the segment, has a 26-inch curved screen, in addition to the resolution QuadHD and response time 1 ms🇧🇷 The suggested price is 5.499 BRL on the official store, but it can also be found at the main partner retailers of the brand, both online and in physical stores.

The model has display technology HDR600, which promises even more realistic and sharper images than its predecessors. The monitor tends to display black-and-white colors more accurately, making dark tones deeper and light tones brighter, according to the manufacturer’s official website.

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Odyssey G6 gamer monitor can be placed “standing” — Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

The Odyssey G6 also has the feature AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, which tends to reduce the latency between the image sent by the manufacturer’s video card AMD and the one displayed on the screen. In addition, the monitor has a Quad HD resolution and must display 1.7 times more pixel dots, in the same space, than a conventional display. Full HD🇧🇷 In theory, this difference tends to show images with better definition.

One of the smart features that exist in the monitor is the Samsung gaming hubswhich allows you to connect to services such as Xbox Game Pass to allow the user to play current games via streaming, as well as have access to other platforms Games in the cloud.

Being an “intelligent” type monitor, as well as the current brand televisionsthe Odyssey G6 also features the Smart Hub, which lets you do just that application installation from the official store to watch stream series and movies, listen to music, even from devices external devices, view photos and videos from a USB pendrive, for example, and doing searches on the Internet. For this, the user only needs to set up a connection Wifi.

The manufacturer also offers several menu and adjustment shortcuts, which promise to simplify the monitor settings to make it to the user’s liking, including the “Auto Source Switch+” function, which can detect when a new device is connected to the monitor and, automatically switch the image view to the new entry. The device also comes with an ergonomic stand that can rotate the screen to a vertical position.

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