Elisabetta Gregoraci, irresistible: the non-existent miniskirt is a heart attack, what curves

Elisabetta Gregoraci sent the fans into a tailspin by showing herself in all her beauty. The vision is unforgettable: the crotch miniskirt makes you dream. Divine.

Elisabetta Gregoraci (Facebook)

Endless charm, bright smile, unique verve. Elisabetta Gregoraci never ceases to make people dream with his goddess physique and her angelic features.

The showgirl of Soverato over time has achieved great successes between format, shot and a huge following on social media. With a profile Instagram has 1.9 million followersGregoraci’s dream feed never stops making hearts beat. Each content is full of likes: fans are always amazed by the beauty of showgirl.

Alongside all this, Elisabetta has often catalyzed the spotlight for her love stories. Especially his relationship with Briatore has caused a lot of talk: despite the age difference, for years the two have been a steady couple, giving birth to their son Nathan.

After their love, they remained on excellent terms, but now they are separated forever. After a long time since to separatethe 42-year-old has found happiness alongside a new partner. She set together with the entrepreneur Giulio Frantini who she recently left with for a relaxing vacation in Cappadocia.

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Elisabetta Gregoraci: non-existent miniskirt, overwhelming vision

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If every look by Elisabetta Gregoraci is always full of likes, one in particular has recently left you breathless. It is a very particular outfit capable of highlighting the beauty of the showgirl of Soverato.

Particularly striking is the inguinal miniskirt flaunted, who discovered her screaming curves. Very long legs, the outfit has highlighted her goddess physique, so much so that time seems to have stopped for her.

The look also consists of a very special pair of shoes: it is a pair of low boots, crossed with some gym shoeswhich despite being a bit over the top made the look very fashion.

Diva sunglasses, hypnotic smile, the look was shared by the showgirl on Instagram immediately winning a riot of hearts and compliments. Final touch of the combination a very particular jacket, rendered fantastic from the detail of the leather sleeves.

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