Salina Pliego vetoed the Werevertumorro after a discussion on TwitterHalftime

The present of Mazatlán in the Clausura 2023 is not the best: In the four games he has played, he has only lost, 13 goals conceded and they are low, which is not at all happy for his owner, Ricardo Salina Pliego, who after losing at home against FC Juárez last Friday, He assured that there would be important changes in the club.

It was then that Gabriel Montiel, better known as Werevertumorromade a publication as a joke, which was not well received by the Mexican businessman.

Why did the fight between Salinas Pliego and Werevertumorro start?

After the last setback of the Mazatlecos, Ricardo Salinas Pliego pointed out that the Cañoneros were sad, so the influencer offered his help for the changes he noticed in the club.

“These gunboats are sad. There will be fundamental changes”, was when Montiel replied: “I help you Ricardo”. However, the comment did not go down well with the owner of TV Azteca and Mazatlán, and he reversed it with an accurate message.

First of all tell me about yourself… second, let’s see, tell me who has helped the most and what were the results, third, how much do you charge and why so expensive. Greetings and good Saturday!

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Was the influencer banned by the businessman?

Gabriel Montiel considered it a good idea to respond to Salinas Pliego about creating content, noting that he would do it for free. Besides, He hinted that someone manages the businessman’s social networks.

“Do you know the creation of content in Mexico? Ready. Helping is free, if I hadn’t written ‘hire me’ and I’m not going to talk about you to a CM who doesn’t even understand what HELP is”, he commented.

But the influencer did not have an accurate response from Salinas Pliego, where he even vetoed him from everything that has to do with Grupo Salinas: “I am a billionaire in large part thanks to the creation and dissemination of content, or are you going to teach me to me of content creation? Greetings and thanks for offering me help, I don’t need it… I hope you never need mine Javier Ferrer, the young man is not welcome in GS”, he finished.

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