three new salaried doctors at the Rabaterie Health Center

In November and December 2022 and January 2023, three new doctors moved to the Rabaterie Regional Health Center. The particularity is that the doctors at this center (there are five in total) are salaried doctors, and salaried in the region.

Thanks to the GIP Pro Santé (Pro Santé Centre-Val de Loire public interest group), the Region can hire doctors to pay for them. An initiative that helps to fight against medical deserts and promote the installation of doctors. Saint-Pierre-des-Corps was short of doctors, especially in priority neighborhoods. In the Rabaterie Regional Health Center, there are now 5 doctors. But it does 10 doctors in total for the city.

Being a salaried doctor is beneficial for the city, but also for the doctors. Like Dr. Pauline Michel Bergeau who settled in November, after 6 years of replacement in liberal. “As a young mother of two small children, I will never have settled in liberal. So it’s a real opportunity to also change the mode of operation of general practitioners.”

“there is a whole population that needs a doctor”

For most young doctors, the liberal and its administrative drawbacks attract less. Dr. François Rousseau, freshly installed at the beginning of the year, thinks that doctors’ salaries can attract young doctors, “management as a business leader is something that we are not taught and that is not necessarily easy and that we do not necessarily want to do. We are doctors to treat people and to be able to do our job.

Being an employee, but also in the right place, is also what attracted Dr Belkacem Otsmane, “there is a whole population that needs a doctor. These populations, because of their difficulties in accessing care, have a life expectancy that may be reduced. So there is also this role where we can help these populations.

In the region, there are around forty employees in twelve health centers, such as that of the Rabaterie. The region wants to create 300 positions for salaried doctors by 2028.

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