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“The Break”… a dark cloud in the Milky Way | Al Khaleej newspaper

Prepared by: Mohamed Ezzedine

The latest measurements from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope revealed a mysterious dark region of our Milky Way galaxy, which they called “The Break.” It is a huge gas cloud near the center of the galaxy, with a high concentration of… Frozen carbon dioxide in it.

“A cloud rich in dense gas is typically seen as conducive to stimulating the birth of new stars, generally forming through a process that entails the cooling and gravitational collapse of dense regions within gas clouds,” said NASA astronomer Adam Ginsberg.

He added: “Our observations show that ice is widespread, to the point that every future observation must take it into account. Observations also indicated that the gas inside this region is warmer than other star-forming gas clouds, and this may be one of the main factors behind the decrease in The rate of star formation in the cloud The Break.

Scientists highlight that James Webb has transformed their ability to monitor gas molecules in the solid phase. Before that, monitoring of frozen carbon dioxide was mainly limited to gas emissions.

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