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Saint-André Fair Returns: Local Artisans and Products in Chartres

Return to the land for Saint-André. After three years of absence, the Chartres fair will be reborn this Sunday, November 26 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on Place des Épars and along Boulevard Chasles, with the ambition of reconnecting with its medieval origins. “In those early days, the fair attracted farmers who sold their produce and bought, with the money from the harvest, everything they needed to get through the winter: coats, duvets, food, etc. » rewinds Guillaume Bonnet, deputy in charge of Commerce and Crafts. Finding the short circuit and promoting the region is the new objective of this fair which attracts thousands of onlookers.

For three years, the department’s oldest event was missing from the events calendar. For two years, Covid prevented its organization but last year, the city did not relaunch the meeting to reflect on the future of the fair. “From year to year, the fair became less important, it lost in attractiveness and quality. It was essentially made in China” admits the elected official. “It had lost its soul,” notes Martine Mokthar, municipal councilor responsible for relations with traders and craftsmen, “yet it was demanded by Chartrains and traders.”

Strict specifications for sellers

No more street sellers from all over France, the Saint-André Fair limits its access to Eurelian artisans. Strict specifications have been drawn up. “The sellers must be Euréliens, but the products sold must also be created, produced, made by the artisans themselves,” explains Guillaume Bonnet.

Five hundred linear meters of stands will be offered to visitors. The fair will be divided into different areas: gastronomy, jewelry, leather goods, textiles, beauty or home and decoration. Artisans and local brewers will complete the picture. Among the sellers, Marion Reitzer, creator of illustrations and plant colors in Lucé (Eure-et-Loir). “I find the new formula cool because before the fair it was nonsense. With this meeting, I hope to raise awareness of my products made from locally produced vegetable ink. As I get started, the free stand offered by the city this year encourages me,” explains the designer. “A certain number of Chartres traders will participate in Saint-André,” adds Martine Mokthar. They will be able to unpack their items in front of their store and thus participate in the party.”

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