Saad Al-Tamimi: Transporting Thousands of Pilgrims for Free for 40 Years in Hail

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The citizen, Saad Al-Rashid Al-Tamimi, narrated the story of his transportation of thousands of pilgrims and Umrah performers free of charge for 40 years, in Hail.

He said, during an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, that he started transporting the pilgrims from his village, “Al-Mahash” in the Hail region, in the north of the Kingdom. He continued: “Now some houses have been toppled, and some have been abandoned by their people. The village used to have large areas planted with pomegranates, palm trees and peaches, and now it is withered.”

And he added: “My father, my uncle Abd al-Rahman, and their mother went to perform Hajj on a camel, and the distance is long, and their mother was riding with her my uncle and my father walking on his feet, then changing with my uncle, and once again my parents and his brother went for Hajj on one camel, and they felt tired.”

He explained that he and his brothers transported the pilgrims in implementation of his father’s will. And he said: “My father told us, as long as you are able to perform Hajj with people, perform Hajj.” Pointing out that they continued to transport the pilgrims, and what changed this situation was the Corona pandemic, and it was necessary to obtain permits to deliver the pilgrims.

2023-06-27 21:49:08
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