Rym (The Villa of Broken Hearts 5), Yumee (The Island of Temptation), Océane (The Angels 11) … Zoom on the new candidates who made the buzz in 2019

Vincent Queijo and Rym have been a couple since La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5 and the latter has said more about their relationship. The young woman is one of these new candidates who managed to make the buzz in 2019. Whether in Les Anges 11, L’Île de la tentation, 10 perfect couples 3 or even The Princes and Princesses of Love 3 , new faces have come to add a little spice to the adventures, enough to make viewers react on social networks. And while Ahmed’s Christmas gift from Sarah Fraisou made a big flop, we invite you to discover the list of those who have not finished talking about them below.

Rym (The Villa of Broken Hearts 5)

Unknown in France, Rym quickly made a name for herself in the reality TV world by participating in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5 on TFX. Sparkling, sexy and always in a good mood, the pretty brunette quickly found her place among the candidates and especially in the heart of Vincent Queijo with whom she has been living a beautiful idyll since … We hope to meet her again in a new one soon program !

Julie (10 Perfect Couples 3 and The Villa of Broken Hearts 5)

In the 10 Couples Parfaits 3 program, Julie fell in love with Antoine, with whom she left as a couple. Unfortunately, their story did not last once the cameras were turned off. Since then, she found her ex in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5 where she shows that she has character, which seems to please Toto the blood.

Antoine (10 Perfect Couples 3 and The Villa of Broken Hearts 5)

In La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5, Antoine seems to have trouble finding a conquest. Maybe the young man is secretly hoping for a flashback with Julie? In any case, his friendly side and his abs make him one of the new candidates most appreciated by viewers.

Océane (The Angels 11)

After participating in Beauty Match on TFX, Océane flew to Miami, where she quickly stood out. With her strong character and her outspokenness, Internet users have validated the passion for fashion and makeup. If for the moment, she is discreet on television, we would very much like her to give voice again in a next adventure.

Lysa Rose (The Island of Temptation and The Princes and Princesses of Love 3)

Lysa Rose
Lysa Rose

Lysa Rose made herself known in The Isle of Temptation version W9 in April 2019. As a couple with Nicolas, she left single, which then allowed her to participate in season 3 of Princes and Princesses of Love , always on the same channel. An interesting personality who could allow him to continue his path in the world of reality TV

Liyah (Angels 11)

Anonymous with the flagship program of NRJ12, Liyah earned his place thanks to his talent as a rapper. After Marrakech, she was able to join the other candidates in Miami to record a single called “Blame It On Me”. Now distant from TV, she continues her career as a singer.

Yumee (The Island of Temptation)

In The Isle of Temptation, Yumee had turned Johnathan’s head. Even if she was only part of the temptresses, the young woman knew how to make a name for herself and even found herself on the set of the Angels 12 in Hong Kong. A new season that will air in 2020 on NRJ12 and in which she will fall in love with Illan.

Tyla and Johnathan (The Island of Temptation and The Villa of Broken Hearts 5)

Johnathan and Tyla
Johnathan and Tyla

After experiencing ups and downs in The Island of Temptation, Johnathan and Tyla finally managed to put the pieces together. But in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5, the two lovebirds separated for good despite the good advice of the love coach Lucie. Maybe one of the two will manage to bounce into a new program soon?

Simo (The Villa of Broken Hearts 5)


Discreet at first, Simo, who was completely unknown to the general public, knew how to find his place within La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5. The candidate, who has his head on his shoulders, always responds to support his friends. Very close to Thomas and Sarah Fraisou, he could quickly find the cameras in a next adventure.

Kevin (The Island of Temptation and The Villa of Broken Hearts 5)


Kevin was betrayed by his ex Molie in The Island of Temptation, which pushed him to solve his problems in The Villa of Broken Hearts 5. And the least we can say is that he made a rather remarkable arrival! From his first steps in the house, he started a violent argument with Antoine, who learned that the latter had messed with his ex Julie. And the one who does not have the language in his pocket has not finished reacting on social networks since he is often clumsy in his actions and his words.

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