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Ryanair Apologizes to Dublin Man Falsely Accused of Disruptive Behavior – Court Case Settled


Ryanair has finally apologized after accusing someone of causing chaos on its flight. Even though the defendant did not board the flight.

Reporting from The Journal, Friday (9/2/2024), a man named Eoin Michael Cahill sued Ryanair for defamation, after the airline accused him of disruptive behavior on a flight earlier this year. In fact, he did not make any trips, not even getting close to Dublin Airport.

In fact, the airline even sent an email to his superiors regarding disturbing behavior that he had never done. In the message, it was also stated that Cahill was on Ryanair’s no-fly list.

According to airline records, Cahill booked a flight from Dublin to Copenhagen on January 2. During the flight, he was involved in an argument with airline staff that involved the airport police.

When Cahill first complained to the airline, Ryanair blacklisted him before asking for more time to investigate his complaint.

Cahill then took the matter to the Irish High Court, accusing Ryanair of defamation. He admitted that these allegations had a negative impact on his reputation, especially because he had to travel to Denmark as part of his work.

Cahill did book a flight ticket for January 2, and this ticket was booked by his boss. However, because he extended his leave, he did not fly on that date. The following day (January 3) he was defamed in an email sent to his company by Ryanair customer service.

Ultimately, the airline admitted it had misidentified the person, and apologized to Cahill. The airline also offered compensation of 10,000 euros plus legal costs according to the agreement.

The airline will also send a message to its superiors that they were wrongly accused and are dropping all charges against Cahill.

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