Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham’s funny exchange of messages on Instagram

Ryan Reynolds

Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

A fun exchange of messages between David Beckham Y Ryan Reynolds drew the attention of the followers of both. Is that, in their social networks, the actor and the former athlete sent relatively cryptic and risque comments, which gave rise to speculation: was it a marketing action or the spontaneity of two friends without any kind of filter ?

On his Instagram account, Reynolds showed that he had just signed 100 bottles of a popular Gin brand. So far, it is clear, it was a publicity action of the actor. However, what happened next seemed less planned.

That sure will give you wrist pain”Beckham wrote for the huge amount of autographs left by the Hollywood star. “Have you ever felt any?” Added the former footballer in the publication of the actor’s commercial action.

Far from letting the suggestive comment go by, the protagonist of Deadpool responded to Victoria Beckham’s husband immediately: “I have been training my wrist intensely since I was 15 years old”, He assured.


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