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Ruthless Parents | Couples abandoned their children 19 years later, high-profile tracing, learned that they were deaf and dumb, and refused to recognize each other-Sky Post-Family-Hot Talk

A mainland couple gave birth to a son 19 years ago. After that, the son was seriously ill and abandoned. However, after many years of this incident, they have recently searched for someone through the media and declared that they hope to reunite with their son. Good news came soon. DNA testing helped them find their relatives, but when the two learned that their son was deaf and mute, they refused to admit the results of the test, making the adoptive father angry that they were not really looking for a child.

According to comprehensive internal media reports, Liu Yigong and Shi Honglian are married. They were 22 and 19 years old 19 years ago. They gave birth to a baby boy while working in a coal mine in Jiyuan, Henan. However, their son caught a cold 7 days after his birth. Deteriorating into pneumonia and need to go to the hospital for treatment. At that time, the doctor told him that his son had little hope of survival, and they decided to abandon him.

19 years later

A few years later, the Liu family had a successful career in Shanghai and they had one son and one daughter. Liu Yigong pointed out that they would make a special trip to Jiyuan to find a child every year and a half. The wife even missed her son suffering from heart disease and was depressed all day long. This year they went to the Shanghai Police Station for help, wanting to draw blood to extract DNA, hoping to increase the success rate of finding their son through the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security.

As of October this year, Liu Yigong has submitted high-profile articles in mainland newspapers:

“Dear baby, where are you in Jiyuan? For 19 years, Dad has missed you every day and never erased your newborn face from his mind…”

Liu Yigong pointed out that he hoped to find his abandoned son through the help of the media, threatening to “see people in life, and corpses in death.”

After the report was published, the adoptive father Han Pingjun, who was in the rural area of ​​Jiyuan, Henan, said he had received many messages from his friends and decided to contact Liu Yigong to explain his son’s situation.

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The adoptive father regards him as his own son. Self-taught sign language to facilitate communication

The adoptive father recalled that when he and his wife learned that there was an abandoned baby in the hospital, they went to adopt and named Han Quanxin. Even if they gave birth to a daughter the following year, they still treated him like a biological son for many years. In order to create a good family environment for the two children, they deliberately conceal the life experience of their adopted children.

As his adopted son grew up, he became deaf and mute due to his hearing disabilities. The adoptive father never left him, taught himself to communicate with him in sign language, and took him to the hospital for cochlear implant surgery. Although corporal punishment is widespread in the Mainland, the adoptive father never beats his children because he is “fearing to leave a shadow on him”.

After getting in touch with Liu Yigong, the adoptive father was notified by the police and collected cigarette butts with his son’s saliva as required for DNA identification. As of December 9, the police identification results confirmed that Liu Yigong and Shi Honglian were Han Xin’s biological parents.

The biological parents suspected of being deaf and dumb Reject DNA report result

After the son learned the results, he was eagerly looking forward to meeting his biological parents and hoped to live in Shanghai. However, Liu Yigong has not picked up his son for more than two months, and refused to admit the police paternity test report, saying:

“What can a cigarette butt prove? At present, we can’t use other people’s children to comfort ourselves psychologically, saying that they are our own children. If the children are ours, we have to recognize them.”

Adoptive father scolded his attitude

When the adoptive father heard of their response, he was angry and scolded the couple for “high-profile search for children, and afterwards, they had a negative attitude, whether they were looking for someone or something.” The son is deaf and mute and chose to give up admitting his son.

Later, Liu Yigong stated in the newspaper that “If the child is good or bad, we will not lead him to it” and that he can “let his child come to Shanghai to play for a few days.” The adoptive father immediately refused, angrily saying:

“I won’t let the children go! The two sides make it clear face to face, and then sign a written agreement. We will have our own separate affairs in the future and will not disturb each other in this life.”

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Written by: Lai Tianer

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