Russian who protested against war on TV arrested again after another protest

NOS Newstoday, 21:53

The former employee of Russian state television who protested against the war in Ukraine during a broadcast in March has been arrested again. This is probably because of a new protest action. On Friday, Marina Ovsyannikova showed a sign at the Kremlin that read, among other things, “Putin is a murderer”.

Her lawyer tells the Russian news site Meduza that Ovshannikova was arrested near her house. According to the lawyer, it was not possible to determine to which police department his client was transferred.

Ovshannikova became world news in March when, during a news broadcast on Russia’s first TV channel, she portrayed a sheet of paper with texts such as “stop the war” and “you are being lied to here”. She also shouted “stop the war”.


Protest against war during Russian TV news on state channel

As a result of this protest, Ovshannikova had to pay a fine of 30,000 rubles. After her action, she resigned from the TV channel, but decided to stay in Russia.

At Friday’s protest at the Kremlin, she showed another text. Besides “Putin is a murderer” it also read: “His soldiers are fascists, 352 children have died. How many more children have to die before you stop this?”

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