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Runar Søgaard indicted on suspicion of money laundering – denies

Denies • Released from prison a year ago

Updated 08.13 | Published 2024-02-20 18.04




fullscreen Runar Søgaard is indicted on suspicion of money laundering. Photo: Magnus Sandberg

Runar Søgaard was released from prison a year ago after serving a sentence for tax offenses and serious accounting offences.

Now he is being prosecuted again, this time suspected of money laundering.

– My client denies, says Søgaard’s defense lawyer Mark Safaryan.

The scandal-ridden profile and former preacher Runar Søgaard, 56, is suspected of having received a total of SEK 72,000 from a person who in turn defrauded him of the money. Something like VLT be the first to tell.

The lawsuit states that after the transaction, Søgaard bought things with the money and withdrew money from an ATM on different occasions.

According to Søgaard’s lawyer Mark Safaryan He denies any crime.

– My client denies any crime and the defense believes that the investigation is not complete. There are a lot of facts that have not been clarified, therefore we will request the completion of the preliminary investigation, says Safaryan.


full screen Attorney Mark Safaryan. Photo: juristuset-Lawhouse Advokatfirman Sjöström Ab

The transaction reported to the police by Søgaard himself

The transaction, which should have taken place in June 2023, was also reported to the police by Søgaard himself in August of the same year.

According to the report, Søgaard has stated that he lent 275,000 kroner in cash to a person and that he then believed that the 72,000 kroner was part of the repayment.

– Runar confirms that he has received the amount in question which he thought was part of a refund. But after he receives the money, he has discovered that it comes from someone else. He then unsuccessfully tried to contact the person and then reported the incident to the police.

In February 2019, Søgaard was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for three counts of serious accounting offenses and 20 counts of tax offences.

He was released in February 2023.

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