Rumors of love between Son Heung-min and Kim Go-eun It’s happening… “The owner of the private account is actor Jang Hui-ryeong”

The dating rumors between football players Son Heung-min and Kim Go-eun ended in one happening.

Recently, an article claiming that Son Heung-min and Kim Go-eun are in a relationship spread on community sites. As proof of their devotion, circumstances such as that a private SNS account suspected of being Kim Go-eun was following Son Heung-min were raised.

However, Son Heung-min and Kim Go-eun’s devotion was not true.

Kim Go-eun’s agency denied the devotion, saying, “There is no one-on-one relationship with Son Heung-min.”

Furthermore, the private account suspected of being Kim Go-eun belonged to actress Jang Hui-ryeong. Jang Hee-ryeong, when the sudden dating rumor spread too much, captured the private account, confirmed it as hers, and asked, “Please don’t try to hack it.”

Kim Go-eun and Jang Hui-ryeong are known to be close friends in the entertainment industry.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)

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