Rumor: cheapest iPhone 12 costs 649 euros

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The most expensive model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, could cost more than 1000 euros. The iPhone 12 will be launched next week.

Since yesterday evening, we finally know the official launch date of the iPhone 12 series. Apple will present its new showpiece to the world on Tuesday, October 13. The launch of a new iPhone is always watched with great attention, and the iPhone 12 will be no different. Especially now that the launch due to the corona virus takes place a month later than we are used to Apple.

The rumors about the new iPhone series have therefore been circulating on various internet forums and social media for weeks. We already know with certainty that Apple will also make the logical leap to 5G with the iPhone 12. It also seems that the iPhone will get no fewer than four different variants this year: from an iPhone Mini with a 5.4 ”display to the iPhone Pro Max which will have a 6.7” screen.

Rumors about prices

Of course, the prices of these different iPhone models have also been food for conversation for some time. We have already read some leaks about this, and most estimate the cost of the four iPhones around the same price level. It is interesting to note that the iPhone Mini, the smallest and cheapest variant, will have a price of around $ 649. Converted to euros, that is only 552 euros, although we often see that no currency conversion is used for the European market. But even with a price of 649 euros to 40 euros cheaper than the iPhone 11. It would not be an illogical move by itself. Apple to release a cheaper version. The smartphone market is having a very difficult time recovering in 2020 and consumers seem less willing to spend large amounts, even for premium smartphones. We saw Samsung recently also launched a cheaper ‘Fan Edition’ of the Galaxy S20. To make that low price possible, the iPhone 12 Mini would not come with earphones and charger.

The cost of the iPhone 12 is likely to be around $ 700-800, no big difference from the cost of the iPhone 11 when it launched new. iPhone 12 Pro is quietly navigating towards the thousand dollars, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max is smoothly about that. After all, this is the most expensive and most advanced model, comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. According to the rumors, it will cost about the same as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, around 1099 euros, although a price increase to 1199 euros does not seem out of the question.

These prices also all refer to the release with 64GB storage memory. Models with 128GB or 512GB of memory will of course cost a bit more. What is all true about these rumors, we will find out on October 13. So keep following for the latest updates on the iPhone 12 series!

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