LIVE | ‘Large increase in corona patients makes transfers difficult’ | Inland

The growth of corona patients in hospitals in the Randstad is so great that it is not possible to quickly transfer them to other regions, says a spokeswoman for the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution.

“In the Randstad there is a very high inflow of corona patients, substantially higher than in the rest of the country. When a group of patients has moved, you already have new recruits. It is a continuous process ”, says the spokeswoman. “But a lot of work is being done to ensure the best possible distribution,” she continues.

The Dutch Healthcare Authority announced on Tuesday that hospitals in the Randstad are having difficulty transferring patients to other regions. But the healthcare authority could not say how this is not possible.

If patients cannot be transferred from a full hospital, regular care may have to be scaled down further. There are currently just under a thousand corona patients in Dutch hospitals. Most are located in Amsterdam, Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam. In the past two weeks, approximately 180 people have been relocated from their home region to other parts of the country.

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Read the live blog here Tuesday October 6.

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