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Ronaldo is worried about hindering Greenwood, Solskjaer says this


Presence Cristiano Ronaldo fear that it will hinder development Mason Greenwood. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer give an answer to this.

Ronaldo returned to Manchester United this summer. He was recruited from Juventus for a transfer value of 15 million euros plus a bonus of 8 million euros. The Portuguese striker was tied to a contract for two seasons by the Red Devils.

Ronaldo was welcomed again, considering that he had been the idol of the Old Trafford public in the 2003-2009 range. Ronaldo was able to pack 118 goals from 292 appearances for Manchester United in that period. He helped Manchester United win four Premier League titles, two FA Cup titles and one Champions League trophy.

However, there are also some who criticize MU’s move to buy Ronaldo. The reason is that Ronaldo’s presence is feared to hinder the development of the young Red Devils striker, Mason Greenwood, who is currently shining.

Greenwood was able to score three goals in United’s first three Premier League games when he played as a centre-forward. Greenwood’s role as Manchester United’s center forward will be evicted by Ronaldo.

MU manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, have confirmed this. He will shift Greenwood to the MU attack wing sector.

However, Solskjaer is not worried that this condition will interfere with Greenwood’s development. He still projects this 19-year-old player as a future center forward for the Red Devils. Solskjaer believes Greenwood can develop his potential to achieve this, despite playing on the wing.

“Maybe in the future he can play as a centre-forward, but I still think it’s a few years away. Being a centre-forward in the Premier League is probably the most difficult role to play,” he said. Solskjaer quoted from the Manchester Evening News.

“At the moment, I think Mason is more suited to play wide. Go down to pick up the ball, find space and come out from behind.

“I don’t want him to have his back to goal and expect two centre-backs behind him. I think we have found a good way to develop him, but he will eventually become a number 9,” he explained.

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