Solskjaer Happy MU Postponed City Champion Party


Manchester United come from behind to beat Aston Villa. However, the best part of the win was according to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the postponement of the championship party Manchester City.

MU travel to Villa headquarters in continuation Premier League. Compete at Villa Park, Sunday (9/5/2021) evening WIB, MU, who was left behind, finally won 3-1.

MU conceded first after Bertrand Traore brought Villa ahead in the 24th minute. MU just got up in the second half through goals from Bruno Fernandes, Mason Greenwood and Edinson Cavani.

Manchester United’s victory made City have to wait even longer to lock in the Premier League title. The Red Devils who are in second place in the Premier League standings with 70 points are still 10 points from City who are at the top.

City still need three more points to ensure the Premier League title. If MU loses to Leicester City (11/5) or Liverpool (13/5), or lose points in both matches, then The Citizens will be confirmed to be champions.

However, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is delighted to be able to postpone the City champions’ party for the time being. He hopes Manchester United can make City wait longer to be able to seal the title.

“That’s good, it’s the best thing today,” said Solskjaer as reported Sky Sports.

“At least I’m not stuck in the blue ocean tonight, we’ll try to delay it as long as possible.

Solskjaer also acknowledged the victory over Villa as a positive asset for MU in the face of a series of upcoming matches. Paul Pogba and friends have been waiting for Leicester City (11/5) and Liverpool (13/5).

“It was a great result. It lifted the pressure a little, we can face the next match with confidence, enjoy it,” said Solskjaer about the busy schedule that awaits. Manchester United.



Klopp Bela Solskjaer Regarding Man United’s Solid Schedule


Manager Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, complaining about the inhuman schedule of his team’s matches. He got support from Jürgen Klopp.

In the next week, MU will play three times a week. The duel with Aston Villa (9/5), Leicester City (11/5), and Liverpool (13/5), became a series of matches that the Red Devils had to undergo.

Schedule MU vs Liverpool it should have been held on Sunday (2/5) last weekend. However, the match had to be postponed because MU supporters protested.

“It has never happened. It was made by people who have never played football at this level,” Solskjaer told BT Sport.

“Physically, it is impossible for the players to do this. We have not been treated well.”

“We will need all the players for these four games. This is what we have to face, but we have to be ready,” said the Norwegian manager added.

Klopp defended Solskjaer regarding MU’s busy schedule. Care team Klopp will be faced by Solskjaer’s team on Thursday (13/5).

“We’ve been informed about the process, but there’s really nothing that can be done,” Klopp said at the Mirror.

“Yes, I feel sympathy for him (Solskjaer), it shouldn’t be like that.”

“But it’s also not good for us, to be honest. I prefer to have the match last week,” said the German manager again.

Liverpool are still trying to finish in the top 4 in the Premier League this season. Together Klopp This season, the Reds have collected 54 points from 33 games, 7 points away from Chelsea in fourth place, who have played 34 times.

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Furious Solskjær thinks the Maguire record breaks and warns of great rotation

As of Sunday, three games in five days await United. Among other things, it will make it difficult for captain Maguire to continue his long line of consecutive minutes for the club in the league.

Maguire has played 71 straight Premier League games for United without missing a minute. He has approached club legend Gary Pallister who did the same from 1993 to 1995.

On Sunday, that record will be Maguires when United meet Aston Villa, but during the week it can say stop, Solskjær thinks.

– I do not think it is possible now. It’s a statistic he could have been very proud of, but I can not see it happening now, the Norwegian said at the press conference before this weekend’s match.

It was mostly about the tight fighting program.

Leicester and Liverpool

– Two matches in three days is difficult, but you can accept it. We do that at Christmas. Two games in three days after a long season with all the games we’ve had: even harder. Three games in five days: very, very difficult. Almost impossible.

After the match against Villa, a match against Leicester awaits on Tuesday before the postponed Liverpool match comes two days later. Solskjær believes this can be devastating for the teams chasing 3rd and 4th place, which gives the champions league next season.

– It can do something with my team lineups in a match or two, it can affect who comes in 4th place and CL. That’s not my problem, he said.

Must rotate

– We as a group will come out stronger from this, but I cross my fingers that no one is hurt. That is my biggest concern, he added.

Leicester (63 points) are in third place with Chelsea (two points less) in second place. Behind there, West Ham (58), Tottenham (56) and Liverpool (54, one game less played) are chasing the generous positions in the Premier League.

– One of the teams may not be happy because I play full team in one match and a new student in the other match, said Solskjær.


Jose Mourinho asks Roma to make Man United’s first recruit


Jose Mourinho has officially become the coach of AS Roma and is ready to hit the Italian Serie A again.

SUPERBALL.ID – Brand-new trainer Roma, Jose Mourinho, reportedly wants to bring in players Manchester United as his first recruit.

Roma made the surprise announcement last Tuesday by appointing Mourinho as head coach to replace Paulo Fonseca.

The new Mourinho will serve at Roma starting at the end of the season.

According to the Sport Italia report published by Metro, Mourinho is already planning to change his squad to navigate the competition next season.

One of Mourinho’s plans in the near future is to bring in a midfielder Manchester United, Nemanja Matic, as his first recruit at Roma.

Reports claim that Roma has made the approach to Manchester United to determine if a deal can be done this summer.