Rodeo on a scooter in Lille-Sud: they drove on the sidewalks and did wheelies

The police intervened in Lille-Sud for individuals who were doing rodeo on scooters. (© JB / Lille news / Illustration)

Of scooter rodeo in the middle of the afternoon. On Saturday April 3, 2021, the police intervened in Lille-South for individuals who circulated dangerously with their two wheels.

Without helmet or plate

Around 4 pm, at the level of the street of Asia, the strength of the Specialized Field Brigade (BST) noticed several individuals on scooters, “without helmet or license plate”. According to the police, these scooters “drove at high speed on the sidewalks and do wheelies (rear wheels, editor’s note)”.

The police decide to check them, but the drivers refuse to stop. The officials then called the Lille motorcycle brigade for reinforcement. Finally, only one individual, a young man of 18, could be arrested for refusing to comply. He was taken into custody.

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