Famous News: Karol G’s new album

The urban artist made a strong confession about her colleague.

Karol G surprised his loyal fans of digital platforms with the official launch of his new album entitled ‘KG0516’, in addition to the presentation of his songs ‘El Makinon’ and ‘El Barco’. This musical project positioned her as one of the artists of the moment and captivated thousands of people internationally.

According to details shared by Spotify, the launch of this production has become the most important by a Spanish-speaking artist due to the scope it had and the relevance it gave it to the public. This album continues to impact fans of the country and those who have been close to their work so far.

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However, recently, the Colombian caught the attention of several people after the entertainment program ‘Tell me what you know’ ensure that, during the album’s official promotion, Karol G would have revealed that he invited Shakira to collaborate on a song of this work, but his colleague would have refused.

A year ago I knocked on Shakira’s door and it didn’t happen at that time”Karol G expressed in statements he gave, referring to Shakira saying no.

In the entertainment program they also assured that some people commented to the ‘Bichota’ interpreter that her fame is reaching unimaginable levels, to the point that they compared her to Jennifer López and Shakira. One of the presenters He commented that the Colombian, with humility, affirmed that this was not true and that he still had a long way to go to reach that point.

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It is important to note that at different times the country has expressed the admiration it feels for Shakira and the desire it has had to work by her side. Karol G expressed that he hopes to find the right song to propose it to his colleague and launch it to the industry.

“Let’s see what happens, I’m not saying no, I’m not saying yes, it’s going to be part of what the future holds; If a song arrives that in my opinion is for Shakira, I will knock on the door again, if it doesn’t happen, however you like, my respect and admiration are infinite, because in addition to the fact that she is a great woman in the world, she is from my country, she represents my home, she taught us that everything was possible ”, he added.


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