Roberto García’s Play ‘Xut’ Awarded for Reflection on the Culture of Effort in Children’s Theater

Roberto García’s Play ‘Xut’ Awarded for Reflection on the Culture of Effort in Children’s Theater

In an exciting theater day, last Friday, August 18, 2023, it was announced that ‘Xut’, the impressive play written by Roberto García, has been awarded.

With a witty and insightful approach, Garcia invites the whole family to reflect on the culture of effortusing humor to convey his message.

The jury, made up of prominent figures in the theater field, including Professor Ramón Roselló from the University of Valencia, the talented actress and director Isabel Martí representing the Association of Theater Writers and Writers (AVEET), the versatile actress Victoria Salvador, the award-winning Pasqual Alapont and the outstanding editor Paula Soriano from the publishing house Bromera , reached this unanimous decision after carefully analyzing the various proposals.

‘Xut’ explores the two facets of women’s semi-professional soccer with a unique perspective and a humorous approach. The story unfolds around the experiences of Valèria and Raquel, the adolescent protagonists who shed light on the often hidden aspects of this world. The work highlights the positive aspects of sport, such as camaraderie and the joy of playing, while also addressing the stresses inherent in the competitive and professional environment.

Roberto García, the brilliant playwright behind this theatrical masterpiece, shares his perspective on the inspiration behind ‘Xut’. “Football is a microcosm that reflects many realities of our society. From the innocence of playing to the intensity of professional competition, the story of Valèria and Raquel provides us with a unique lens to examine the culture of effort and how it can be shaped. due to different factors”, says García.

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The director and artistic coordinator of Escalante, Marylène Albentosa, expressed his gratitude for ‘Xut”s contribution to the growing excellence of children’s theater and highlighted the prestige of the Escalante Awards as a testament to the ongoing commitment to artistic quality. The prize, which drops to 5,000 euros and the possibility of publishing the text, underlines the importance of works like ‘Xut’ in the current theater scene.

This victory not only highlights Garcia’s skill as a playwright and stage director, but also strengthens Valencia’s reputation as a vibrant cultural epicenter. Roberto García, who also serves as deputy director of Performing Arts of the Valencian Institute of Culture (IVC), he has left an indelible mark on the theater scene with his more than 40 plays, many of which have been consistent both nationally and internationally.

‘Xut’ is not only a testament to the creative talent of Roberto García, but also a window to the complexity and richness of the culture of effort through the lens of children’s theater. With its balanced approach and insightful message, ‘Xut’ is sure to join the ranks of the most outstanding and enduring plays of our time.

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