Robbie Williams separated from his wife three times – People

Before their wedding, Robbie Williams and his wife had an on / off relationship. Ayda chatted out of the sewing box.

Robbie and Ayda have been married for ten years. But before their wedding, there was a serious crisis between the two. The singer had broken up with the US actress three times! But Ayda continued to fight for her love. “I was in love with him. He was lovable, a wonderful person and he was so charming and funny and incredible. He had my heart. He was my soul mate,” she revealed in an interview with “The Times”.

Robbie didn’t want to be a father

“He used to say: I will never get married and never have children,” Ayda continues. Today the couple can laugh about it. Robbie and Ayda have four children together: Teddy (7), Charlie (5), Coco (18 months) and Beau (4 months).

No sex and no arguments

The couple survived the Corona period well. “Either you have a lot of sex with your partner or you hate him. I think we have found a good balance for ourselves by neither doing nor doing it. No sex and no arguments,” Ayda recently chatted in a podcast.

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