Risma Highlights DKI Pattern Distributing Social Assistance Using Vaccination Recommendations

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini concerned if residents who receive social assistance (social assistance) is recommended to be vaccinated beforehand. According to him, it is possible that residents who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 will not be given social assistance by officers in the field.

Risma assessed that this could happen even if vaccination was only a recommendation or not a mandatory requirement for prospective recipients of the Covid-19 social assistance program. Risma answered that when asked about the steps DKI Jakarta Provincial Government which advises prospective recipients of social assistance to be injected with a vaccine first.

“Then if there is a requirement, then there is no Covid-19 vaccine, even if he doesn’t receive assistance, how? Then he can’t eat,” said Risma when met at the Ministry of Social Affairs Office, Central Jakarta, Thursday (29/7).

Risma is worried that such a regulation will increase the residents’ problems. For example, there are residents who are candidates for social assistance recipients but so far have difficulty accessing vaccine injections.

According to Risma, the residents’ problems could increase. Besides being difficult to get vaccines, they also do not receive social assistance.

“That’s what you have to think about together, lest he is a difficult person who doesn’t have access to the Covid-19 vaccine and can’t receive social assistance. We have to be very careful about such conditions,” he said.

Risma said that so far the Ministry of Social Affairs has not applied such a rule to distribute social assistance to people in need. According to him, the Ministry of Social Affairs is very careful so that the distribution of social assistance can be effective.

Previously, the DKI Jakarta Social Service (Dinsos) appealed to residents who were included in the non-cash social assistance Beneficiary Families (KPM) to vaccinate against Covid-19.

Head of the Jakarta Social Service Office, Premi Lasari, said that the recommendation for vaccines for the recipients was in accordance with the central government’s regulations. However, it is only a recommendation or not a mandatory requirement.

“It should be noted that according to Presidential Decree No. 14 of 2021, recipients of this non-cash social assistance in the form of rice are encouraged to carry out vaccinations,” said Premi in a written statement, Wednesday (28/7).

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