“Riga FC” believes that RFS and FK “Liepāja” overtime should be completed faster – Football League – Football

On Saturday, October 17, “Optibet” Premier League championship game FK “Liepāja” – RFS was suspended by the decision of the referees in the 66th minute due to technical reasons – insufficient lighting in the stadium. At that time, the owners of the square Liepāja were in the lead with the result 1: 0.

It was decided to set a new match date for the Optibet Premier League championship game between FC “Liepāja” and RFS teams – in Liepāja, November 25, at 13.00, the game starting from the first minute. FK “Liepāja” has requested to award RFS technical loss for the unfinished game.

The Latvian championship team “Riga FC” also has its claims, which has requested that the game be postponed before the start of the playoffs in the last two rounds of the season. The penultimate round is scheduled for 22 November (13.00) and the last on 29 November (12.30).

“In the last two rounds of the Premier League, the final distribution of seats in the tournament table is determined. The course of these rounds is determined at the same time so that the teams are not informed about the outcome of other games and do not affect the team’s performance,”

“In this way, the principle of fair play is respected. This practice has been introduced by FIFA since the 1982 World Cup matches between the West German and Austrian national teams. In the world of football, this case is known as “Disgrace of Gijon”, “the Latvian champions say in their letter.

“Obviously, the implementation of this principle also requires that the results of all previous rounds be known until the penultimate round of the Premier League. provided for in Article 3 (2) of the Sports Law, “continues” Riga FC “.

“If all previous rounds are not played by the time the penultimate round is played, the teams may have an actual advantage or, on the contrary, be placed at a disadvantage. In this case, the 22nd round after the 26th round the playoffs run counter to the essential considerations which make it a rule in the rules of the league that the last two rounds of the league play at the same time. ‘

Representatives of “Riga FC” believe that if a round is not completed before the start of the penultimate round, then the penultimate round cannot be considered the penultimate round.

“Consequently, in determining the 22nd round after the 26th round, the 26th round cannot be regarded as the penultimate round. Consequently, such a schedule does not formally comply with the provisions of Article 8.3 of the Rules of Procedure.”

“Riga FC” emphasizes that RFS is competing for the 1st place in the 2020 Latvian Premier League championship, while FC “Liepāja” is competing for the place that would ensure participation in the European League next season.

“Given these stakes, it is particularly important to ensure that the league games involving these teams are played in a manner that is not in the slightest doubt as to their compliance with the rules of the league and the principles of fair play.”

Riga FC considers the best solution to the situation to be the 22nd round of the postponed game between FC “Liepāja” and RFS teams to be played before November 22, 2020.

“Riga FC” calls on the competent institutions and officials of the Latvian Football Federation to revoke the decision made by the LFF Premier League Organizing Committee on October 19, 2020 on setting the date of the match between FC “Liepāja” and RFS teams on November 25, 2020.


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