Ricky Yacobi’s departure is a reminder to be more careful when exercising. Page all

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.com – The departure of Indonesian football legend Ricky Yacobi not only leaves deep sorrow for humans soccer Indonesia.

The death of the 1987 SEA Games gold medal winner is also a reminder for senior athletes to know their own body condition before doing activities.

Ricky Yacobi suffered a heart attack while appearing at a match titled Trofeo Medan Selection in Field A, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Saturday (21/11/2020) morning.

This 57-year-old man was declared dead when he arrived at Mintoharjo Navy Hospital, which is located not far from the field.

According to his teammate at the match, Vennard Hutabarat, there were no signs of anything before the tragedy occurred.

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However, he also highlighted the possibility that the former Arseto player was not getting enough rest before grazing.

“He arrived at the field from 6 am because he was told to play at 7 in the group so that the children would not be late. His house is in Bintaro. If it is like that, he departs from 5 o’clock,” said the pioneer of futsal in Indonesia.

Vennard knows Ricky Yacobi as someone who loves soccer and is very dedicated.

Laga sparring what is undertaken is treated like a professional match.

Therefore, the late Ricky often came one hour before the match started so as not to be late and warm up.

The PSS Sleman team doctor, Elwizan Aminuddin, also commented.

He understands that, even though he has retired, the spirit of competition will always exist in every former professional player.

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However, he reminded the former footballers to be able to measure their physical condition before engaging in activities.

“This league has been suspended, so many people play soccer, including legends,” said the man who is usually called dr. Amen to KOMPAS.com.

“If you are over 45 years, diet and rest patterns must be maintained,” he added.

Elwizan Aminuddin also did not prohibit these legends from routine grazing.

However, the intensity when exercising must be reduced. In addition, the time for resting breaks also needs to be considered.

“If you play or practice a maximum of 20-25 minutes per round or per session. Play a maximum of 2-3 times a week. “

“If there are symptoms of cardiovascular disease such as heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, you should avoid strenuous physical exercise,” he advised.


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