Radio Cooperativa assures that Facundo Colidio, the jewel of Boca Juniors for which Inter has paid nine million dollars will play at the Catholic University

Market transfers

Al Aire Libre en Cooperativa reported that the four-time Chilean soccer champion has reached an agreement to join Facundo Colidio as a reinforcement to count on the next market. Who is this striker who is currently registered with Tigre, but belongs to Inter?

Facundo Colidio in action for Inter against Tottenham Hotspur for the UEFA Youth League.
© 2018 Getty Images, Getty Images EuropeFacundo Colidio in action for Inter against Tottenham Hotspur for the UEFA Youth League.

Facundo Colidio he saw the ball bounce, at the disposal of his right foot. And he pulled out an unattainable blow. The 22-year-old striker scored 2-0 for Tigre against Vélez Sarsfield on Matchday 20 of the Argentine Professional League. It was the striker’s sixth goal at the Matador, a team where he is on loan.

The story of this footballer, who makes his first appearances on the transandine sports covers, is like this: he takes his first steps at Atlético Rafaela, even if at 14 he arrives at Boca Juniors. There he attained a very great transcendence, according to those who saw his progress. “He is the best in the country in the lower”Jorge Raffo, coordinator of the youth team of the cast of Xeneize, said at the time.

His raid was such that several European clubs noted him in their satchels, as he was selected Sub 15 of Albiceleste and also Sub 17, with whom he played Sudamericano de Chile in 2017. That year also came a call at his irrefutable door, when he was a member of the Boquenses Reserve team. The Inter Milan offered to buy his pass. Image Nerazzurri put nine million dollars be with him.

And they say that Colidio may have his agreement ready to enter the Catholic University. This information emerged from Outdoors in the Cooperative, where they assured that the ram was born in Rafaela. The aforementioned media also report that the board of directors of Cruzados SADP is expected to shell out around $ 600,000 to get the first Sint Truiden from Belgium.

The panorama of the “9” at the Catholic University

Despite the information that emerged from the aforementioned station and from Facundo Colidio, the Universidad Católica has the following scenario with the strikers. Fernando Zampedri It is the undisputed in that area. In fact, El Toro said a few days ago that he was dreaming and talking with his family about the possibility of being the historic scorer of the Strip, the scepter he has today. Rodrigo Barrera.

Seeing as the former Rosario Central has work to do, as it records 79 celebrations in relation to Chamuca’s 118 total, this suggests that it will at least fulfill its contract until the end of 2023. And, why not renew again at UC .

Furthermore, Cruzados SADP still has influences on the future of Bruno Barticciottowhich began its second cycle in Palestine on fire and also Alessandro Aravena, who contributed nine goals for Ñublense in 25 games played for Ñublense in the National League. Both are on Ariel Holan’s radar. All this suggests that it may be too early for a pre-agreement to be signed. Time will tell …

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