Richard Müller admitted: Incredible! Absurd!

The Slovak singer and composer Richard Müller used the unexpected leave brought to musicians by the coronavirus pandemic to compose songs for his new album. He named the album The Hour Between a Dog and a Wolf after a magical night hour between 3 and 4 in the morning, when artists are said to create the best works, most children are born, but most people also die.

“It’s an incredible story. Absurd, like many situations in my life and career. I was photographed by my court photographer Mayo Hirce on the cover of a book of texts, and he had his dog in the studio. When we were done, he asked me to “The photo fascinated me to the point that I thought it was an hour between a dog and a wolf and I would shoot such a CD now,” Müller said.

Richard Müller – Siedme nebo (3:56)
| source: YouTube

The author of all the songs is the duo Müller – Uličný, only the song Anomália was written by Laco Rychtárik. “Her mood is a little different, but I think it would be a shame not to include her. She became such a preliminary single, which I included as a bonus,” Müller said. “The rest of the album is not so depressing. I don’t think anyone around us needs anything like that,” he added.

The previous four-year-old recording entitled 55 was the first in Müller’s extensive discography, in which he did not participate as an author or composer. All songs were written by Ondřej Brzobohatý. He is now almost the sole author of music for Müller. “I had the feeling that I wanted to compose something myself after many years. Like my whole life, this time I also composed for finished lyrics,” he said.

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